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Based on the novel by MGHT, Unparalleled.

Things are not as they were. In this alternate story, follow our Hero(?) as he traverses the world.

But, is this world really the one we know?

I will be using MGHT's original story as a guideline, and applying my own touch to it. Due to there being a lack of information on the wider scope of things, I'll be throwing in things that may not adhere to the original author's plans. Then again, what fun is there in reading something that has already been done?

Tags and genres stated are subject to change without notice, be it the addition or removal of tags.

Cover art is a fanart I found online a long time ago. Character is Gyuki from Nurarihyon No Mago.

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  • (Un)Paralleled
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(Un)Paralleled 16 Chapter 16 - Spar RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 15 Chapter 15 - Duality RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 14 Chapter 14 - Threats RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 13 Chapter 13 - Blood RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 12 Chapter 12 - Rescue RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 11 Chapter 11 - Wait RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 10 Chapter 10 - Forge RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 9 Chapter 09 - Murakumo RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 8 Chapter 08 - Divergence RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 7 Chapter 07 - Bard RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 6 Chapter 06 - Connections RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 5 Chapter 05 - Limits RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 4 Chapter 04 - Thaumaturgy RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 3 Chapter 03 - Insight RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 2 Chapter 02 - Ripples RoyalRoadL
(Un)Paralleled 1 Chapter 01 - Aware RoyalRoadL