Memories of the Ocean, Mountains, and Her

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He lives in the northern part of Kumamoto Prefecture.

His cousin comes to visit after the start of summer vacation.

He's surprised at the change when the boy goes to pick up his cousin.

My cousin had become a girl.

Because he had contracted the TS illness.

Under these circumstances, she has come to the visit the boy.

The boy was told ahead of time, but he is still amazed at the change.

The boy is taken by his cousins overwhelming cuteness.

My cousin rejoices at our reunion, since we have been good friends for a long time.

His feelings will become more than 'just my cousin' since their reunion.

This is the story of a boy and his now female cousin.

Nurturing their relationship from friends to lovers in the oceans and mountains.

Sorry, was asked to stop this so…..

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24 Chapters (Complete)
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  • Omoide no Umi to Yama to Kanojo
  • 思い出の海と山と彼女
  • Memories of the Ocean, Mountains, and Her
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