Modern Age Online

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It is the Future. The realm of online video game entertainment has grown, creating vast and wonderous worlds for people to explore and enjoy.

This is the story of Kaleb, a young gamer, and his adventures in the latest Super-Hero Virtual reality MMO: Modern Age Online. Join him as he takes on villains (both player and NPC), joins forces with other player heroes, and even deals with some of the bureaucracy of being a hero in a perfect virtual recreation of the world. No cheats, no guides, just one newbie Super-Hero against the forces of villainy in his new virtual home.

Update Schedule: I am gonna try and keep it at a chapter a day Monday-Thrusday, leaving Friday-Sunday to write ahead a bit. Leaving a buffer of chapters in case I miss a day. Thats the plan at least, we'll see how it shakes out. Of course this is subject to change in the face of personal emergencies and such.

Notes: 1.) While not my first time writing, this is my first time throwing anything i've written at the tender mercies of the internet. All criticisms welcome. 2.) Just to inform people early: There is no evil corporation looking to control the world with VR, there is no Krueger-esque "if you die in the game, you die for real.", and this isn't a story of some OP harem-loving god of the system. Nothing wrong with those stories this just isn't one. This is a simple story about a guy playing a game and finally 3.) This story is extermely rough, i did very little editing, this is just me gauging interest really.

oh, and english is my 1st language, if for some reason you find that important.

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