The Reborn Runesmith

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We have all read stories about the reincarnated or portaled earthling going to the fantasy world and gaining a cheat and super abilities. This isn't one of those. The hero or villian here is just a smart guy who only gets to choose a few things like what he is and then given the ability to have mana. He doesn't even get to choose what kind of mana he gets it could be fire,water,air, etc.

This world is different than ours. Gunpowder, medicines, and other things will probably not work or be availible. Who is to say that the beings of this new world will even have the same internal anatomy. These are all things our MC will have to discover. Just like our world you can be born with great genetics but if you are a lazy and undriven person nothing will come of it.

This is my first attempt to write. There WILL be mistakes. I am a mathmatician not an english major so be prepared for questionable grammer and spellings. One of these days if I enjoy doing this I will get me an editor who did english instead of math and science.

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  • The Reborn Runesmith
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