Black Hole Menace

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Where am I?

I tried moving my head, but my body wouldn't listen. My mind feels heavy for some reason. *static noise* What is that sound? I tried listening attentively but all I hear are buzzing sounds in my ear. It feels like the static sound from a prelude of a horror movie. My pulse started to beat rapidly as I had these thoughts, but it did not take long before my mind started to turn hazy again. Am I dreaming? I started to question myself as I felt my body was in a state of being cradled in the arms of drowsiness. It almost feels like the warm embrace of your mother's bosom. Let's stop thinking and just go back to sleep However, before total darkness enshrouds my body, I heard something vague. "Was he— —- —- —-. " "— —– —- Impossible—- —- —- test was —- —- —-." I wondered whether I was hearing things, but no matter how hard I tried to listen, I could barely understand what they were saying.

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  • Black Hole Menace
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