Bloody Hell

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Alan Maxwell has one exceptional talent. He can read peoples body language and micro expressions so well that, in many cases it's not hard for him to fake being psychic.

When a foreign agency decides that said talent would make him an exceptional spy, events quickly begin to spiral out of control. With enemies on all sides, and friends that will as soon kill each other as his enemies, Alan will have to put his skills to the test in the ultimate game of cat and mouse. ===I came up with this story in response to a question. I once asked someone why there weren't really any Yandere harems. I realize that the answer to that is 'everyone dies' but thats boring so... here we are. A story I came up with explicitly as an excuse to create a harem entirely out of obsessive psychopathic axe murderers. Or in other words -

"What happens to Bond girls when they disappear?"As a warning, there are sex scenes. Its tagged. I'll leave an authors note at the top of any chapter that has them if you'd prefer to skip it.

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  • Bloody Hell
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Bloody Hell 5 Chapter 5 - Leah, Who See's All RoyalRoadL
Bloody Hell 4 Chapter 4 - The Pipes Are Callin' RoyalRoadL
Bloody Hell 3 Chapter 3 - Jane, (a) Crazy In Love RoyalRoadL
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