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The Maker departed from the world with one message: that the greatest artist would come to succeed the divine throne. Without anyone to uphold them, the very laws of the world gave way to chaos. The days of the purple sun signified the blight of more and more land. Monsters lurked about, and at nights when the moon would kiss the earth, entire civilizations would cross over the veil and enter the continent of Aetrea, plunging it into perpetual wars over what little habitable land remained.

Join Bastet on his journey to uncover the mysteries of a decaying world, the kingdoms that rule it, and the magics that tear it asunder. Through struggle, friendships and love, will Bastet ever find an artist worthy of stopping the inevitable decay?

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  • Couplet
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Couplet 14 Chapter 14 - In the dark RoyalRoadL
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Couplet 7 Chapter 7 - The Harbinger RoyalRoadL
Couplet 6 Chapter 6 - A long night RoyalRoadL
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Couplet 6 Chapter 6 - The long night RoyalRoadL
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Couplet 3 Chapter 3 - Resolve RoyalRoadL
Couplet 2 The battle of Stormbridge Qidian International
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Couplet 2 Chapter 2 - The battle of Stormbridge RoyalRoadL
Couplet 1 Cell Qidian International
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Couplet 1 Chapter 1 - Cell RoyalRoadL