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Your average Reborn Game System story, similar to The Gamer and Solo Leveling. Written for fun rather than novilization like the others, so it is smaller and less intense. It is set in an AU Warhammer (based on a slightly modified version of Warhammer Fantasy's End Times. (Modified because the real setting was a catastrophe. There will be no exploding moons or beating the God Of Indulgence because they overindulged, and no Slaans fucking off to space. People shall use their brains and not just "lol cuz I can" bs like Todbringer thinking the end of the fucking world was the best time to go persue you interracial Yaoi rivalry with a Beastlord). So you might notice names and events but don't expect it all to go the same way. And the Main Character is not the only Player in this game~

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