Failed Dungeon Inn

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When Demon Prince Valkner Gaustein was given a dungeon by his father, he imagined that it would lead to a grandiose life filled with pleasures and adventurers to enslave. Little did he realize that his dungeon would pop up on the outskirts of the strongest nations in the world. Defeated by the legendary heroes, his fate was lost to time. Nearly two hundred years later, Valkner now runs an inn under the alias Valentine "Val" Steiner mere feet from his conquered dungeon! Left completely beaten and weak, Val has etched out a poor living and the inn has built a reputation for being one of the worst thanks to its dungeon being barren. Can Val restore his dungeon to its glory and regain his pride as the true heir to the Demon King throne or will he be stuck running a dead-end inn for the rest of his days?

Failed Dungeon Inn is intended to be a series that produces 1 chapter at a time . The series was originally created to participate in a competition on Royal Road.

It draws inspiration from a rare cliche that de-powers the big bad and sticks them into good guy roles. Val will undertake the serious job of running an inn and trying to raise its reputation and wealth, using his dungeon as the centerpiece of his tourist attraction. Each chapter will be produced with small artwork additions and sheets to demonstrate Val, the inn and the dungeon's progress as well as any other characters that may be introduced/moved in. These may not change between every chapter but will always be present. If you expect stats to just fly off the handle all the time, this is not the series for you; if you expect stats to matter and have meaningful progression then stick around!

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Failed Dungeon Inn 8 Day 0008: Dungeoneering 101 RoyalRoadL
Failed Dungeon Inn 7 Day 0007: Slimeball RoyalRoadL
Failed Dungeon Inn 6 Day 0006: Morning Chat RoyalRoadL
Failed Dungeon Inn 6 Day 0006: One Negative Noon RoyalRoadL
Failed Dungeon Inn 5 Day 0005: Sis-tematic Arrival RoyalRoadL
Failed Dungeon Inn 4 Day 0004: The First Orc-inary Day RoyalRoadL
Failed Dungeon Inn 3 Day 0003: Cutthroat Business RoyalRoadL
Failed Dungeon Inn 2 Day 0002: Dungeons and Duos RoyalRoadL
Failed Dungeon Inn 1 Day 0001: Princely Coinpinch RoyalRoadL