Death's Embrace

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The World is Such a Rotten Place. It isn't a safe utopia where everyone can be happy. It isn't a place where True Peace can ever be attained. However the niave will tell you otherwise. They'll mention their hope. They'll mention their dreams. They'll scream to the world that they believe in the 'Good' in people. That no one is born naturally 'Evil', and that everyone can be saved. If the world is such a place, if there is a possibility that everything can change for the better, then why haven't we changed it?

"Why is it that people lie?"

For Satisifaction

"Why is it that people cheat?'

For Greed

"Why is that people Kill?"

For Supremacy

If the world is truly such a rotten place, then am I expected to turn the other cheek? To walk away? Give second chances? Sacrifice myself for others? Why? All to be called a 'Good' person from the shallow masses, only to be backstabbed and betrayed by the very ones that praised me? Faith in humanity, is something fools preach, and only the niave practice. The World is Such a Rotten Place...and I love it. I will Lie. I will Cheat. I will Kill. Why?

For Power

Follow our protagonist as he journey through his old world, yet changed, with one goal in mind. To become the srongest and rule. Reborn into a world where only the strong can strive, he will do any and everything to reach the peak. There isn't a question of whether he'll survive or win, it's a question of will he be alone at the top? And if not, how many died to get him there?

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  • Death's Embrace
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