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Posted on Wed 2016.11.09

Temporary feed issues.

Some of the RSS feeds have been getting stuck this week, due to a combination of a software bug and the fact that I've been away for work and not had time to do any maintenance.

I've been restarting the feed scraper manually when I can, but the issue will probably persist until I have a chance to fix it properly this weekend, when I get back from my trip.

EDIT: I think I've fixed it using SSH.

EDIT EDIT: Ok, it was a priority inversion in the page fetch queue. It looks to be working correctly now

Posted on Sat 2016.08.20

Logged in users can now edit releases!

Logged in users can now edit releases.

This is done by right-clicking on the right hand columns of the release row (vol/chap/extra/group columns). Then, just select the "Edit Release" option on the right-click menu.

The custom right-click dialog also includes some extra information on the release, such as when it was added, who added the release, and whether the release is included in the algorithm for determining what the "newest" chapter is (this is generally used to exclude chapters that are miss-tagged in the source, and as such will be re-added by the feed parsing system if simply deleted).

Questions and comments are welcome on the forum!

Note that the right-click menu as well as the edit dialog (and applying edits) all require javascript.

Posted on Sat 2016.08.13


A number of minor, but nice new additions to the site are going to be rolled out over the next few days. Let me know what you think on the forums!

Posted on Sat 2016.06.04

Login issue should now be fixed.

There was a recent issue (the last few days) where logging in was broken, due to a breaking change in an underlying library I failed to catch (flask-bcrypt decided to start doing explicit type-conversion, apparently).

In any event, the issue should now be fixed. Sorry about that!

Posted on Tue 2016.05.17

All autogenerated releases are being repopulated.

All autogenerated releases have been temporarily dropped while the feed parsing system repopulates them. This is to because the recent changes to the chapter fragment system were resulting in the old releases not properly deduplicating against newer release items.

As such, series release states, particularly for OEL content will be spotty for a little bit while the feed system spider re-walks the various data-sources.