Series Releases:

Wed 2020.10.28

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Extraordinary Genius 1067 Extraordinary Genius Chapter 1067 Translation Noob
King of Myriad Domain 1657 Wuxiaworld
Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home 374 Novels' Landing
Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home 373 Novels' Landing
The Divine Crafter's New Life 21 Scribble Hub
Specs Series 19 Specs Series > [19] RoyalRoadL
Still Loading… 10 Scribble Hub
The Ageless Sword 8 Scribble Hub
God of Illusions 516 Volare Translations
Reborn Little Girl Won't Give Up 189 Whimsical Star-Gazers
Chimera of Reality - Season One - Living in a Virtual Mirage 3 6 [Episode 3 - Chapter 6] Elemental Friends {Jerra} RoyalRoadL
Sage Emperor 1196-2 Wuxiaworld
The Hidden World 323 Scribble Hub
Rupegia 85 Scribble Hub
Scarecrow in another world 13 Scribble Hub
Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs 169 Explore
Radioactive Femininity 59 Scribble Hub
Calamity Mandate 80 Scribble Hub
BOOK 5: THE RETURN OF ASMODEUS -- (a Perth's Accidental Superheroes series) 5 19 Chapter 19: Peter Walker's 3rd Confession RoyalRoadL
Reborn As a Half-Elf 16 Scribble Hub
Purgatory Harem 77 Scribble Hub
The Wish Motel Built Upon A Night Mare Cemetery UPDATE- Im Back, Here's How It's Gonna Go Down RoyalRoadL
Bai Geomijeng: The Wicked 3 Scribble Hub
Snowballing, a lit rpg adventure 12 12. Through the taint RoyalRoadL
God Of Soul System 535 translatin_Otaku
The Strongest Hokage 358 translatin_Otaku
Angel's Ascension 11 Chapter 11: The Understanding RoyalRoadL
Into Nothing 100 Chapter 100: Shameless Actions RoyalRoadL
Tome of the Body 27 Scribble Hub
Green Life 67 Lily's counter attack! - chapter 67 RoyalRoadL
Primal Adaptation 12 Chapter 12 [Below the Fungi -3-] RoyalRoadL
Primal Adaptation 12 Chapter 12 [Below the Fungi -3-] RoyalRoadL
Tales of Disruption 67 If Only I Could Time Travel ... RoyalRoadL
Prophecy Approved Companion DLC: Sexy Screamy Spider Lady Mini Game RoyalRoadL
The Bright Lord 40 Book 2 - Chapter 4 RoyalRoadL
Reborn as a Slave 52 Reborn as a Slave Ch 52 RoyalRoadL
Reborn as a Slave 52 Scribble Hub
Grae 113 Scribble Hub
Sanctuary Within Entropy 14 Chapter 14 RoyalRoadL
The Spider's Lair 1-6 Chapter 1 - Part 6 RoyalRoadL
Beast Tamer 39 Chapter 39 RoyalRoadL
Catgirl in the modern world?! 2 Scribble Hub
Genesis Wave 17 Chapter 17 RoyalRoadL
A thousand lives before godhood 54 Scribble Hub
Reincarnated as the God of Shitty Life Counseling for Defective Washed Up Waifus 44 Scribble Hub
Contractbound 55 Chapter 55: More Criminals to Teach a Lesson to RoyalRoadL
My Everything [BL] 7 Scribble Hub
Sanguine Paradise 67 Scribble Hub
No More Respawns Character Sheets and Info RoyalRoadL
Rolling Stone 41 Chapter 41: Preparation for the theft RoyalRoadL