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Sun 2019.05.26

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I reincarnated as a friend of Slime 23 Rock the pet Qidian International
The summoning of four 5 The new students Qidian International
The summoning of four 4 Night time Qidian International
Vandaleu meets Ainz Owal Gown. (Death Mage – Overlord cross over.) 1 Scribble Hub
Monarch of Heaven's Wrath. Lan Yun. RoyalRoadL
Nyanya N. Nya (Nya) Foxy in a Boxy~ RoyalRoadL
Rise of Demon King 5 17-1 Volume 5: Chapter 17: Adventures of Drunken Crow (Part 1) RoyalRoadL
Savage Divinity 461 Chapter 461 RoyalRoadL
Savage Divinity 461 Savage Divinity
Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman 130 Fantasy-Books
Kaettekita Moto Yuusha 136 Raising the Dead
Kaettekita Moto Yuusha 136 Nega Translations
The Story of Hero Among Heroes ~The Founding Chronicles of Arestia 45 Nega Translations
Imperial God Emperor 974 Wuxiaworld
Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife 807 Spring Rain Translations
Marrow 5 Chapter 5 - Rats RoyalRoadL
Seeking the Pinnacle 34 Chapter 34: Void Ring Method RoyalRoadL
Chaotic Sword God 2130 Gravity Tales
Dragon Knight Prophecy 2-6 2-6 Dragon riders RoyalRoadL
Inma no Hado 263 Machine Sliced Bread
The Solstice War 22 Hell Awakens (22.2) RoyalRoadL
Core and Guide 11 Chapter 11 - New Addition RoyalRoadL
Against the heavens. 125 Chapter 125: Unchanging bastards. RoyalRoadL
VRMMO no Shien Shokunin ~Top Player no Shikakenin~ 26 Raz's Translation Corner
The Rise of Otaku 26 Otaku translation
Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkoku-ki 1 14-1 Light Novels Translations
Hachinan tte, Sore wa nai Deshou! 10 3-2 Infinite Novel Translations
How to Kidnap your Princess Nightfall RoyalRoadL
Greyblood 7 Chapter 7 Kaelyn RoyalRoadL
Singularity 14 Chapter 14 RoyalRoadL
If You Are a Dodder Flower 30-1 The Novelst
Chaotic Sword God 2129 Gravity Tales
Rebirth, but not quite. 7 C7 Spending time and Freedom RoyalRoadL
I became the strongest magical tome. But I am still a teacher! Book 1 1 6 Chapter 6 Hunger RoyalRoadL
Street Cultivation - a modern wuxia/litrpg hybrid Power Budgeting RoyalRoadL
The Voyager: Remastered 125 Chapter 125: Covert Ops RoyalRoadL
Peerless Battle Spirit 1245 Gravity Tales
Hail the King 831 Noodletown Translated
Amazing Doctor With Super Vision 49 TapRead
Doom Lord 24 Xmtl
Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei 106 Forsaken Moonlight
The Fantastic Super Vision 41 TapRead
Don't Heal the Others 41 TapRead
Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife 167 88Tang
Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife 166 88Tang
Mr. Fashionable 18 Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei 108 Forsaken Moonlight
Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei 107 Forsaken Moonlight
Immortality Cultivation Era 49 TapRead
The Venerable Swordsman 41 TapRead