Series Releases:

Thu 2021.10.21

View Series Vol Chap Extra Group/Host
Wisher Beware 42 Scribble Hub
Leveling up the World 262 Scribble Hub
Realm of Monsters 191 Scribble Hub
Tracing Lines (BL) 12 Scribble Hub
Moon Theory [BL] 52 Scribble Hub
Chrysalis 852 Fantasy-Books
The Guardian 42 Chapter 42: Registration is now open. RoyalRoadL
The Cursed Heart 99 2.17: Distraction RoyalRoadL
Fatal Attraction 10 Scribble Hub
Lemillion of The MCU 6 Scribble Hub
The Caretaker of Otherworldly Tenants 63 Chapter 63 - Into the Fray! RoyalRoadL
The Caretaker of Otherworldly Tenants 63 Scribble Hub
The Interstellar Artship 1 HIATUS: Artifact 001 - The Venus Speedtrap RoyalRoadL
Redo of a Romanceless Author's Life Devoid of Love; Another Chance at Youth 46 Scribble Hub
The Great Core's Paradox (Monster MC LitRPG) 121 Scribble Hub
What Comes After Important Note RoyalRoadL
The Great Core's Paradox 121 Chapter 121: Lost In The Maze RoyalRoadL
Travels along the Astral Road 208 Full Council Meeting RoyalRoadL
Lily of the Forest 10 The World Under the Underbrush RoyalRoadL
My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem 1508-1510 Whatsawhizzer Web Novels
Dig a Little Deeper 35 35 Back on Track RoyalRoadL
My Onee-chan-Sensei(Onee-San X Shota) 11 Scribble Hub
Reborn as a Hyûga with the caged bird seal 4 Scribble Hub
A Desolate Life 36 Chapter 36 - Serious Body Tempering RoyalRoadL
Celestina Shoukan 38 Scribble Hub
Fallout: Vault X 20 Scribble Hub
Battlemaster's Gambit 22 Scribble Hub
Calamity Mandate 182 Scribble Hub
Reincarnated as a Nightwalker 2 62 Scribble Hub
Reincarnated as a Nightwalker 2 62 (Vol 2) Chapter 62 RoyalRoadL
Princess and the General 261 Spring Rain Translations
Breaking The Game Quest Error: Rex RoyalRoadL
Former Undead Transmigrated to become Villainess's Butler 30 Scribble Hub
Strawberry Devil in a Fantasy World 59 Scribble Hub
Path of the Whisper Woman 2 63 Book 2 - Ch. 63: Planted Panic RoyalRoadL
Battlemaster's Gambit A LITRPG Monstergirl Harem Adventure 22 Chapter 22 – Friends and Thralls RoyalRoadL
Blood Of The Covenant 53 Scribble Hub
Help Me, Miss Planner! 139 Scribble Hub
The Law of Averages 2 82 Volume 2: Chapter 82 — Terrible Things RoyalRoadL
The Werewolf Cheerleader 2 17 Scribble Hub
Breaker of Skulls (LitRPG) 42 Chapter 42 – Goblin Shamanic Ritual Site RoyalRoadL
The Werewolf Cheerleader 2 17 Book Two: Chapter 17 RoyalRoadL
Dominator In Naruto 112 Scribble Hub
Echoes of the Tribulation: An Historical Apocalypse LitRPG Series. 28 Chapter 28: Merlin RoyalRoadL
Apositan Artefacts 1-8 Scribble Hub
Dominator – From Naruto to Bleach 13 Scribble Hub
Gauntlette 28 Scribble Hub
Irregulars in Tales of Demons and Gods 11 Scribble Hub
History's Strongest Senior Brother 1573 Steam Bun Light Novel
Infinite Ladder: Marvel (Multiverse Story) 60 Scribble Hub