Series Releases:

Sat 2021.04.17

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Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping 1234 ISO Translations
The Incubus System 176 Scribble Hub
Psychic Tyrant 46 Scribble Hub
I died and was reincarnated as Warship in a fantasy world 2 100 Scribble Hub
Dark Moon : Rise of The Dark King 71 Scribble Hub
I Decided to Cook Because the Losing Potion Was Soy Sauce 113 kerukeruTL
In my defense, I did not choose reincarnation. 5-2 Scribble Hub
Those He Left Behind 2 17 Scribble Hub
Holy Roman Empire 28 Scribble Hub
Called To Another World 90 Scribble Hub
I wanna Hide 16 Scribble Hub
Katalepsis 13 Scribble Hub
Demon Slayer: The Light of the Sun 3 Scribble Hub
Magnus 3 36 Scribble Hub
Dark Moon : Rise of The Dark King 70 Scribble Hub
Daily Life of a Villain's Mother 194 Shainag Translations
Daily Life of a Villain's Mother 193 Shainag Translations
The Male Lead's Substitute Wife 242 Shainag Translations
Avoid the Protagonist! 296 Shainag Translations
Death March — Fixed 7 5-4 Scribble Hub
The Runesmith 97 Scribble Hub
For February's Rain 37 Scribble Hub
Nakada-san to Ren'ai「Black Label」 40 Scribble Hub
If Destiny Fails 22 Scribble Hub
Innocent Devil's Harem 1-2 Scribble Hub
Fox Girl of the End 33 Scribble Hub
Guilty Crown:True King 31 Scribble Hub
Soul Evolution System 290 Scribble Hub
Requiem to the Stars 26 Whatsawhizzer Web Novels
Innocent Devil's Harem 1-1 Scribble Hub
Emperor's Domination 3598 Wuxiaworld
Emperor's Domination 3599 Wuxiaworld
Xiuluo Wushen 4719 Wuxiaworld
The Zombie Knight 267-3134 The Zombie Knight
Tranxending Vision 1161 Wuxiaworld
Martial Peak 1884 Divine Dao Library
Pieces of Sonder 55 Scribble Hub
[BL] The Emperor and the Tree 26 Scribble Hub
The Infinite Player 3 Scribble Hub
A Demon's Journey 14 Scribble Hub
Princess and the General 172 Spring Rain Translations
Daomu Biji 8 MereBear's Translation
Shapeshifter's hell 2 Scribble Hub
The Invasion Day 60 Strictly Bromance
Ten Lives (1) Nine Deaths (0) : Hobgoblin 1 Scribble Hub
King of the Eternal Night 1339 Wuxiaworld
Ten Lives (1) Nine Deaths (0) : Hobgoblin 23 1.023 Reports from the Front RoyalRoadL
Reincarnated as the God of Shitty Life Counseling for Defective Washed Up Waifus 138 Scribble Hub
The Devil's Origin 55 Luukia
In my defense, I did not choose reincarnation. 4-1 Scribble Hub