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Thu 2024.05.23

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Places, Attempts and Inspirations - Poems 4 4 - Call, Breadth and Fluff

Wed 2024.05.22

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Rainful Reunion 2 Chapter 2: The Man With The Green Striped Bucket Hat RoyalRoadL
The Truth is Mysterious 6 Chapter: 6: Evergarden Kingdom RoyalRoadL
Rain of Sins 42 Dominos and Butterflies: Ch 1 RoyalRoadL
Rain of Sins 41 Interlude 2 RoyalRoadL
I Will Be Lazy! 10 10 - Energy is mass RoyalRoadL
Dungeon Core/Realm Heart 34 BK II, CH 34: Coenbert's Return RoyalRoadL
Nightsea Outlaw 4 75 Volume 04 Nightsea Heist | Chapter 75 | Death's Yard RoyalRoadL
By guns and chains 4 Chapter 4: It began RoyalRoadL
Tread Lightly 455 455 - Staving Off Death RoyalRoadL
Towers of the Ancients: Against Eternity 26 Chapter 26: Surprise RoyalRoadL
The Wicked House of Caroline 61 TWHoC: Chapter 61 - Revenge RoyalRoadL
The Priesthood 63 Chapter Sixty-Three: A Flood of Memories RoyalRoadL
Blind Mage Adventures 195 Chapter 195 RoyalRoadL
Combat Medic (Pokemon/Naruto) 3 Chapter 3 RoyalRoadL
The Mundane 60 60- A Voluntary Trip to Hell RoyalRoadL
Beware Of Chicken 5 4 v5c4: Where the Orchid Grows RoyalRoadL
Dragon Child. Sorcerer's Apprentice. (A book with illustrations for each chapter.) 29 Chapter 29. RoyalRoadL
The Lost Black Dragon [A Wuxia Cultivation Fantasy Story] 18 Chapter 18: Pricey RoyalRoadL
When the rains may come [A Sci-fi Dystopian thriller] 17 17. The Fortress RoyalRoadL
The World Beyond The Lens 26 Chapter 26 - Something That He Doesn't Notice RoyalRoadL
1% Life's Real (a 1% Lifesteal parody) 141 Time and Space: Handle with Care. RoyalRoadL
Assimilate All Talents 143 Chapter 143: Abstained RoyalRoadL
Mech Destroyer System: Throne of Destruction 23 Chapter 23 - The Night Before Battle RoyalRoadL
The Ultimate Acceleration System 17 Chapter 17 - The Flames of Ascension RoyalRoadL
Immortality Starts With Diligence(Xianxia Litrpg) 456 456. Lin Fei Finally Becomes a God! RoyalRoadL
Venomous Agenda Memoirs 80 Chapter 80: Pulling the Weight RoyalRoadL
Revenge of the Slop King [LitRPG] [Cheat Power] [Harem] [Cultivation] [Reincarnation] [Revenge] [With a vengeance!] 191 No-stop hammer time. RoyalRoadL
Wrath's Ascent 118 Chapter 118 RoyalRoadL
Martial Peak 5880 Divine Dao Library
Elements of Change 27 Falling Asleep RoyalRoadL
Hunting and Herbalism: A Druid LitRPG [Book 3 Complete] 4 39 Book 4: 39 - Hidden Injury RoyalRoadL
The Villainess Is An SS+ Rank Adventurer 242 Chapter 242: Season's Reprise RoyalRoadL
Crown 83 Chapter 83 – First Stage RoyalRoadL
Starship Mercenary Special Announcement [Starship Mercenary is now available on Kindle and KU!] RoyalRoadL
BlightHeart 7 A Killer Who Doesn't Exist RoyalRoadL
Surviving the Undead 33 Chapter 33: Something Wrong with Her Mind RoyalRoadL
Ashlani's Reincarnation [a LitRPG Adventure] 110 Chapter 110 RoyalRoadL
Gift and Power: Series 1: Impact (Christian/Romance/Thought-hearing/SciFi) 2 Disclosure / Ch. 2: Bob's First Report RoyalRoadL
Rise of the Devourer [Book 3: Drakonias] 3 33-3 [B3] 33 — Wyvern Cliffs Pt. 3 RoyalRoadL
What Do You Mean I'm The Captain Of A Yandere Mercenary Company? 143 First Thing To Do After An Escort Job (*RR) RoyalRoadL
Rob's Unheroic Misadventures [Multiple Worlds Progression] 65-23 Chapter 65 (2-23) RoyalRoadL
Minecraft: loading new world 64 Cheaper 64. Chosen path RoyalRoadL
What did I wish for? (Progression, Urban Fantasy, Slice of Life) Status Report-the author is still alive RoyalRoadL
Sworded Affair [Apocalypse Dungeon LitRPG] 70 Chapter 70: Saint and Sinners RoyalRoadL
Hard Enough 191 Chapter 191 - Friend feuds RoyalRoadL
Wolf of the Blood Moon: A Blood Magic Lycanthrope LitRPG 3 Book 3 Amazon Kindle Unlimited Release RoyalRoadL
Monster Healer [A BATTLE HEALER LITRPG] 7 Chapter 7: Monster Casualties RoyalRoadL
Blood Shaper 5 5 Book 5 Chapter 5 RoyalRoadL
Rise of the Weakest Summoner 388 Chapter 388 – Not Alone RoyalRoadL