Series Releases:

Sat 2018.07.21

View Series Vol Chap Extra Group/Host
The System of Somatosensation 7 Qidian International
Qidien Is Awesome 12 Qidian International
I Became a Hero in a Pandemic 80 Machine Sliced Bread
Chapter Sword God 1429 Gravity Tales
When Evil Began 3 Qidian International
Biblia Koshodou no Jiken (Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia's Case Files) 4 1 Nanodesu
Battle is an Art 13 Qidian International
The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir 31 Fuyu Neko
Paalatoo 7 7. Srot RoyalRoadL
Faceless Phantom 17 Chapter 17 - Bonnie the Bunny RoyalRoadL
Promethues 7 Qidian International
Faceless Phantom 16 Chapter 16 - Vallas the Arena Champion RoyalRoadL
Promethues 6 Qidian International
Cohen of the Rebellion 11 10 WuxiaNation TL
Hidden Path 3 Qidian International
Ero Dungeon Evolution 1 22 [Vol. 1 pt. 22] Knowledge is power. Strength is power, too. Let's get both. RoyalRoadL
A Dark and Dangerous Place 1 Chapter 1.50 RoyalRoadL
Last of the Mage-Kings 22 Chapter Twenty-Two: Chaos in the Night (III) RoyalRoadL
Jujutsushi Wa Yuusha Ni Narenai 149 Wn404
Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint 13 Rainbow Turtle Translations
I Shall Defy Heaven's Expectations 14 Qidian International
Exploits of the Mad Alchemist 3 Qidian International
One sided love 5 Qidian International
Star Child 56 Chapter 56: Hot Sweat RoyalRoadL
Begin Again 10 Qidian International
Requiem to the Stars 9 Chapter 9 RoyalRoadL
Requiem Online 6 Qidian International
Dragonfall: Enchantment 34 Chapter 34 RoyalRoadL
Chapter Sword God 1428 Gravity Tales
Master Mages Marriage 33 Qidian International
Macha's Journey 79 Qidian International
The New World 141 Gravity Tales
I Reincarnated to be a part of History! 1 Qidian International
No Blade for a Kingdom 8 Qidian International
The New World 136 136 The Sound of Thunder RoyalRoadL
Battle is an Art 13 Naming the Illustration RoyalRoadL
Peerless Battle Spirit 728 Gravity Tales
No Blade for a Kingdom 7 Qidian International
Nirvana 74 Qidian International
Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife 330 Spring Rain Translations
Soldiers of Mana 10-3 Chapter 10 - Awakening Pt.3 RoyalRoadL
The True Endgame 3 6-33 [Vol. 3 pt. 33] Patch 6.0: A Royal Meal RoyalRoadL
Dreams of Sabers and Spirits 27 Chapter 27 – Prelude to the Storm RoyalRoadL
God's Beta Tester 59 059 Baba Yaga RoyalRoadL
January City (Project Lunation Book 2) 2 10 Chapter 10: Lira's Proposal RoyalRoadL
A Dark and Dangerous Place 1 Chapter 1.49 RoyalRoadL
Peerless Battle Spirit 727 Gravity Tales
Apparent Struggles 20 Qidian International
Exhuman 97 097. 2251, Present Day. Las Vegas. AEGIS. RoyalRoadL
The Summoner & Contractor System 5 Qidian International