Mitigating Qidian's annoying feeds

If you follow any of the novels posted by Qidian, you've probably noticed the annoying interstitial pages they publish for their RSS feeds, as well as the fact that the latest few chapters of every series are hidden behind a watch-an-ad/paywall.

This is annoying, as it generally means you're a few chapters behind what the site thinks is the "latest" chapter, because you can't actually view those chapters yet, making one's watches somewhat confusing.

As such, I've implemented a feed parser module that both unwraps the feed-interstitial page, and properly ignores releases you can't actually view. This should make following Qidian series much more pleasant, because you won't be falsely alerted for new chapters that aren't yet actually available.

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Latest Translated Releases

View Series Vol Chap Extra Group/Host
A Will Eternal 201 Wuxiaworld
Fantasy Falls 19 ShiroKun's Translation
Ni Tian Xie Shen 947 Wuxiaworld
Succubus-san's Life in a Another World 21 LylyLovesBDSM
Prodigal Alliance Head 109-2 Volare Translations
Peerless Battle Spirit 124 Gravity Tales
Isekai Cheat 3 Prologue Novel 44
The Avalon Of Five Elements 286-287 Gravity Tales
Xiuluo Wushen 2194-2199 Wuxiaworld
Seeking the Flying Sword Path 52 Gravity Tales
Seeking the Flying Sword Path 52 Qidian International
Path to Heaven 177 Translation Nations
Suspicious Manager Moon 28 Myoniyoni Translations
Princess Medical Doctor 125-2 Ai Hrist Dream Translations
This Tutorial Is Too Hard 112 Light Novel Bastion
This Tutorial Is Too Hard 111 Light Novel Bastion
Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation 170 Gravity Tales
Wortenia Senki 2 42 Hasutsuki
Wortenia Senki 2 41 Hasutsuki
Realms In The Firmament 488 Qidian International
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Latest OEL Releases

View Series Vol Chap Extra
SoulBinder: A Tale of a Conqueror Man I've been gone for so long....I fell like a Bastard.
7 Dragons and Princess 86 Chapter 86:Complex relationship 05.
Sword Immortal's Rebirth Poll: Best Fights
Martial Void King 168
The New World 64 64 Final Call to Action
The Accidental Archmage - Book 2 (On-going) / Book 1 (On Kindle) 2 3 Book II, Chapter 3.2 An Amateur at War
Martial Void King 167
The Sacred Grove 3 Chapter 3 - A stronger body, but I don't have a body
Mythran's Master Of All - Continued 398 Chapter 398 - Make Work Not Problems
Twisting Fate 103 Chapter 103
The King of the Earth Here's the plan guys
Aelin (title may change) Misunderstandings, and, Annoying?
The Undying Prince 7-2
Parasites and Magic 2 Beka 2
Collision of Myths 14 First meeting
The Power of Creation 40
Let's Define Evil 3 Chapter Three - The Royal Academy of Magic.
The Last Boss Fire Glass in True Darkness
The Last Boss 11 Chapter 11 - Fire Glass in True Darkness
The Eveningtide 6 Chapter 6: The Dangers of Human Nature
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Latest RSS Feeds

Content Tags Group
☯ AWE Chapter 201 ☯ A Will Eternal WuxiaWorld
🦋UTS Book 9, Chapter 62.2🦋 (206) Unrivaled Tang Sect WuxiaWorld
FF: Chapter 19 : Distributing Equipment’s chapter 19, Distributing Equipment's, Fantasy falls, 分配武器, 第19章 ShiroKun's Translation
ATG Chapter 947 ✿ Against the Gods WuxiaWorld
Succubus-san’s Life Chapter 21 (is very late) Succubus Life Lyly's Novel Translations
Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 109 Part 2 Prodigal Alliance Head Volare Translations
Light Beyond 3 ~ Chapter Six ~ Akidzuki Asuka, Light Beyond Road's End, Light Novels, Vol.3 夢見る世界
TFDC Chapter 71.2 TFDC, Thousand Face Demonic Concubine, Translation Soupy Baozi Translations
Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 124, 125 Gravity Tales
All Things Wrong – All Things Wrong, Chinese, Mature, Translated Novel KobatoChanDaiSukiScan
Isekai Cheat V3 Prologue Isekai Cheat Novel 44
AFE Chapters 286-287 Gravity Tales
MGA Chapters 2194-2199 Release Martial God Asura WuxiaWorld
SFSP Chapter 52 Gravity Tales
Path to Heaven – Chapter 177 & Chapter 178 Path to Heaven Translation Nations
SMM Chapter 28 (Regular) Suspicious Manager Moon Myoniyoni Translations
Princess Medical Doctor – Chapter 125 Part 2 Princess Medical Doctor Ai Hrist Dream Translations
Hello Work Chapter 15 Translation NEET Hello Work, Translation progress, Volume 5 Working NEET Translation
The Tutorial Is Too Hard 112 Light Novel Bastion
The Tutorial Is Too Hard 111 Light Novel Bastion
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