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I updated the site dependencies, and it broke logins again.

Anyways, this lead me to finally vendoring the password encryption wrapper library the site uses. Hopefully this should fix the problems in the future.

Additionally, signup now requires filling out a simple captcha. I've been having issues with people effectively using the site to spam a e-mail address. This should hopefully at least make it a little bit more involved. I've deliberately chosen a simple, self hosted captcha implementation because I don't want to feed the creepy google data-mining project that is ReCAPTCHA.

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View Series Vol Chap Extra Group/Host
Dragon-Marked War God 2198 Path of Translation
Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being 334 Chrysanthemum Garden
Swallowing the Heavens 651 Wuxiaworld
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 2342 FoxTeller
The Icy Hero is Yearning for Love 6 Chrysanthemum Garden
Little Mushroom 52 Chrysanthemum Garden
Very Happy 61 Chrysanthemum Garden
Ostentatious Zhao Yao 45-2 Sonrisa T.N.T
Grasping Evil 337 Path of Translation
Sage Emperor 779 Wuxiaworld
The Final Protectors 4 Wo Cao Translations
Eiyuu no Musume Toshite Umarekawatta Eiyuu wa Futatabi Eiyuu wo Mezasu 65 Re:Library
Bringing Along a Ball and Hiding from Foreign Devils 40 Asian Hobbyist
Sovereign of the Three Realms 2361 Wuxiaworld
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 2342 Ch. 2342: As One Falls, Another Rises (2) FoxTeller
Even If I'm Reborn as a Cute Dragon Girl, I Will Still Make a Harem 77 Re:Library
Upgrade Specialist in Another World 1310 Wuxiaworld
The Human Emperor 1548 Gravity Tales
Martial Peak 1165 Divine Dao Library
Ostentatious Zhao Yao 45 Sonrisa T.N.T
RPG Shijie You Zenyang 11 7 SicillTranslates
Corporate Slave Hero Says He's Quitting His Job 68 Scarletmadness
Immortal Devil Transformation 2 34 Wuxiaworld
I Work Hard Every Day To Make My Husband Bankrupt 22-4 Wownovel
Game of Divine Thrones 1 25 Wuxiaworld
Game of Divine Thrones 1 24 Wuxiaworld
Moon's Labyrinths 31 Wuxiaworld
The Way of the Evil 26 Wo Cao Translations
I'll Just Live As A Villain 3 Tangitxx
Liu Yao: The Revitalization of Fuyao Sect 53 Pizzilations
Master of Untold Daos 419 Wuxiaworld Forums
Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor 788 Veratales
Kaettekite mo Fantasy!? 2-2 Neo Translations
Liu Yao: The Revitalization of Fuyao Sect 53 Pizzilations
Love When the Stars Falls 26 EmpireAsian
Everlasting 396 Wuxiaworld
Everlasting 395 Wuxiaworld
Petite Mother of Four Big Shots 11-2 Qxbluishtranslation
The Tyrant's Tranquilizer 2 Sengoku Translations
The Female General's Little Childhood Sweetheart 4 Idle_Chi
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Latest OEL Releases

View Series Vol Chap Extra
The Grandmaster's weird disciple [BL] 161
My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem 147
I was Born the Unloved Twin 24
The Simulacrum Obvious April Fools Chapter
The Last Science [SE] 2 36-2 B2: Chapter 36 — Confessions [pt. 2]
The Man Who Killed the First Monster 64
A Former Hero's Journey : I just want to live peacefully! 10-2
Rise. Rising. Risen. Unknown Consultant
Transcending 84
THE TRIALS: Path Toward Godhood. (WARNING : MATURE CONTENT) Sorry. April Fucked My Mind
Conquer the World 44
Transmigration Gone Wrong 13
Marvel: We Are Venom 35
By Myself 1-2
Kiri to Shinkirō | Mist and Mirage 48
The Zombie Knight 214-2165
A Psychic's Scarlet Dream 30
The Anti Heroes Season 2 2 10
Trials of Ortus (a DxD fic) 13
The New Pantheon The poll is closed!
Azarinth Healer 439 Chapter 439 Quiet Arrival
Melting Frost [BL] 7
The Man Who Killed the First Monster 63
Godfather of magical technology with a pinch of exortion 21 Chapter 21: a dangerous and explosive encounter(s)
Zombie In Cultivation World 4
Justice in the One Piece World 68 68. Wrapping up Dressrosa
Zombie In Cultivation World! 4 C4.1: The Plague [1]
Village of Steel 4 Chapter Four
Doing God's Work 32 32. Demons and Angels
Interstellar Warlock 18 Chapter 18: Cyborgs and The Jungle
Transcending 83
Harry Potter and The Dark Phoenix 4
Data Dragon Danika 63
Eclipse Online: [Spoon] the Dimension Thief 10
Lord Of Goblins 24
Nero Zero Chapter XXIX
Lord Of Goblins 24
Undetermined 51 Chapter 51- Sick to one's stomach
The Suit-Maker 2 15 V2P15- Malaysia's National Dish
The Kathaldi Chronicles 132 Ch. 132 - Delik Slin's Clever Insanity
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Demoness's Art of Vengeance - Chapter 111: The Second Prince’s Astonishment and Fear Demoness's Art of Vengeance WuxiaWorld
Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2198 Path of Translation
RSCB Ch334 - Master of Wishing Lane Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being Chrysanthemum Garden
Tyrannical Wang’s Beloved Wife Chapter 182 part 2 Teaser Tyrannical Wang's Beloved Wife, Uncategorized Broken Jinsei
Physician’s Odyssey - Chapter 533 - Arrogance Physician’s Odyssey WuxiaWorld
Grasping Evil - Chapter 337.2 Path of Translation
Sage Monarch - Chapter 779: Ancient Experts Sage Monarch WuxiaWorld
Sovereign of the Three Realms - 🌺Chapter 2361: Seven Secret Keys Sovereign of the Three Realms WuxiaWorld
ICY Ch6 - Radish〚Riley〛 The Icy Hero is Yearning for Love Chrysanthemum Garden
LM Chapter 52 Little Mushroom Chrysanthemum Garden
VH Ch61 - Planting Trees Very Happy Chrysanthemum Garden
Dragon Princess Chapter 77 Dragon Princess Re:Library
LHBARH Ch61 - Attractiveness. Later, He Became A Royal Healer Chrysanthemum Garden
Hero’s Daughter Chapter 65 Hero's Daughter Re:Library
Upgrade Specialist in Another World - Chapter 1310: An Unexpected Development! Upgrade Specialist in Another World WuxiaWorld
Heaven's Devourer - Chapter 0651: Jump the Gun Heaven's Devourer WuxiaWorld
RHE 1548 Gravity Tales
Page 2165 ch214 The Zombie Knight
Martial Peak – Chapter 1165, Those Who Give Me One Point Of Respect, I Give Ten Chapter 1165, Divine Dao Library, Leo, Martial Peak, novel, PewPewLaserGun, Silavin, Silavin Translations Divine Dao Library
[CTW] Wednesday Release – Chapter 44 CTW, Releases Noodletown Translated
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