Mitigating Qidian's annoying feeds

If you follow any of the novels posted by Qidian, you've probably noticed the annoying interstitial pages they publish for their RSS feeds, as well as the fact that the latest few chapters of every series are hidden behind a watch-an-ad/paywall.

This is annoying, as it generally means you're a few chapters behind what the site thinks is the "latest" chapter, because you can't actually view those chapters yet, making one's watches somewhat confusing.

As such, I've implemented a feed parser module that both unwraps the feed-interstitial page, and properly ignores releases you can't actually view. This should make following Qidian series much more pleasant, because you won't be falsely alerted for new chapters that aren't yet actually available.

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Latest Translated Releases

View Series Vol Chap Extra Group/Host
All-Duties Mage 120 Gravity Tales
Godly Student 33 Fantasy-Books
Quick Transmigration Second Female Lead's Counter Attack 70 Inadequate Translations
All-Duties Mage 119 Gravity Tales
Seijo no Kaifuku Mahou ga Dou Mitemo Ore no Rekkaban na Ken ni Tsuite 106 Shinku Novels
Honored Prince's Wife: Princess from Thousand Years Ago 423 Shazi Sultan
The Black Card 250 Gravity Tales
Swallowed Star 854 Qidian International
Swallowed Star 853 Qidian International
Swallowed Star 852 Qidian International
Terror Infinity 21 1-2 Wuxiaworld
The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss 1399 Moon Bunny Cafe
Bringing the Nation's Husband Home 683 Qidian International
Bringing the Nation's Husband Home 682 Qidian International
Ashes and Kingdoms 1 3-5 Towards the Sky
Overturning the Heavens 85 Bcat00 Translation
My Entire Class Has Been Reincarnated – I Became the Weakest Skeleton! 59-1 Dino's Translation
Imperial God Emperor 444 Wuxiaworld
The Book Eating Magician 310 Wuxiaworld
The World Online 306 Gravity Tales
Overgeared 458 Wuxiaworld
Overgeared 457 Wuxiaworld
Overgeared 456 Wuxiaworld
The Great Ruler 468 Wuxiaworld
Demon Wang's Golden Favorite Fei 177-2 Volare Translations
The Great Ruler 467 Wuxiaworld
Xiuluo Wushen 2567 Wuxiaworld
Xiuluo Wushen 2565 Wuxiaworld
Xiuluo Wushen 2566 Wuxiaworld
Martial World 1518 Wuxiaworld
Martial World 1519 Wuxiaworld
Imperial God Emperor 443 Wuxiaworld
King of Gods 525 Gravity Tales
The Charm of Soul Pets 321 Wuxiaworld
Strange Life of a Cat 156 Qidian International
Remarry, No Way! 95 88-Tang Eat Drink Read
Marry! My Black Horse 60 88-Tang Eat Drink Read
A Mercenary's War 92 Gravity Tales
Talisman Emperor 282 Wuxiaworld
Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss 181 Qidian International
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Latest OEL Releases

View Series Vol Chap Extra
Fantasial Apocalypse 318 Chapter 318: [ Deal with the Devil' potential ]
Fork This Life! 24 Chapter 24: Skeletons. Skeletons everywhere.
Bitter 372 Bitter 372
Fool's paradise (dungeon novel) 96 96 Lucies past
Metaworld Chronicles 3 Character Summary 3
Rebirth: Monarchs 52 Chapter 52: Ice Domain
Chronicles of the Last Hermit 27 Chapter 27: Spirit Gaur
A Hermit's Life for Me 3 Chapter 3.3
The Wandering Inn 4 4.19
The Void Wolf 128 Chapter 128: It Has Been Broken
Slime 3-11 61 (3-11)
The Zombie Knight 174-1621
The Power of Creation 129
The Gamer's Godship. 55 Chapter 55
天与地 Heaven and Earth 135 Chapter 135: Stop copying
The Ties That Bind 5 Chapter 5: A Conversation
The Ties That Bind 4 Chapter 4: First Lessons
Lucy Wickshire 10 7 Arc 10 part 7
Lucy Wickshire 10 6 Arc 10 part 6
Savage Divinity 313
Savage Divinity 313 Chapter 313
The Demon's Gate 102 Chapter 102: Infiltration.
Two Worlds 181 Two Worlds - Chapter 181
Two Worlds 181
Not All Heroes 4 Chapter 4.8 (Sabra)
The Legion of Nothing 596-8 Chancy Connections: Part 8
Bright Battle Story: Tactics Heart 10 Episode 10.03
Five Elements Academy: A Tale Of Magic 15 Chapter 15: The Green King
The Zombie Knight 174-1620
Pangea Online 2 24 Book 2: Chapter 24
Diary of Erica Kron 248 Day 248
I'm Gonna Be a Wizard When I Grow up Again! 346
I'm Gonna Be a Wizard When I Grow up Again! 298 Chapter 298
World Keeper 135 Chapter 135: Through the Eye of the Storm
How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis 8 HTADDB 8 Update
Celestial Magus 38 Chapter 38 : Hunting Spirit Beasts
Celestial Magus Back in action
Vengeance: The Path That Lies Ahead 2 Chapter 2 (rewritten)
Vengeance: The Path That Lies Ahead 3 Chapter 3 (rewritten)
How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis 310
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Latest RSS Feeds

Content Tags Group
VM Chapter 120 Gravity Tales
Godly Student Chapter 33: Killing Off the Blood Wolf Gang Godly Student Fantasy-Books
WCSB 03 With contract Skill many Brides! Fantasy 44 Translations
QT Second Female Lead’s Counter Attack: Ch 70 Vampire Queen 5.2 Quick Transmigration Second Female Lead’s Counter Attack Inadequate Translations
VM Chapter 119 Gravity Tales
Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 106 New Update Seijo no Kaifuku Shinku Novels
Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 423 Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife, #chinese, #light novel, Translation, #translator Shazi Sultan
The Black Card Chapter 250 Gravity Tales
Terror Infinity - Vol 21 Chapter 1-2 Terror Infinity WuxiaWorld
dkc chapter 1399 Chinese Web Novel, The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-nothing Miss Moon Bunny Cafe
ATF – Capítulo 102 After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy LightASPNovel
The Lord's Empire Chapter 38! Gravity Tales
Ashes and Kingdoms v1 3-5 Ashes and Kingdoms Towards the Sky
Overturning the Heavens chapter 85 is out!!! Uncategorized Bcat00 Translation
Weakest Skeleton! Episode 59 – Part 1 Release, Weakest Skeleton Dino's Translation
Imperial God Emperor - 444 - Clone shows off it's power Imperial God Emperor WuxiaWorld
The Book Eating Magician - Chapter 310 - Lairon, the Last Day (5) The Book Eating Magician WuxiaWorld
The World Online Chapter 306 and 307 Gravity Tales
Overgeared - Chapter 458 Overgeared WuxiaWorld
Overgeared - Chapter 457 Overgeared WuxiaWorld
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