Mitigating Qidian's annoying feeds

If you follow any of the novels posted by Qidian, you've probably noticed the annoying interstitial pages they publish for their RSS feeds, as well as the fact that the latest few chapters of every series are hidden behind a watch-an-ad/paywall.

This is annoying, as it generally means you're a few chapters behind what the site thinks is the "latest" chapter, because you can't actually view those chapters yet, making one's watches somewhat confusing.

As such, I've implemented a feed parser module that both unwraps the feed-interstitial page, and properly ignores releases you can't actually view. This should make following Qidian series much more pleasant, because you won't be falsely alerted for new chapters that aren't yet actually available.

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Latest Translated Releases

View Series Vol Chap Extra Group/Host
Fantasy Falls 28 ShiroKun's Translation
Night Ranger 75 Qidian International
Talisman Emperor 123 Wuxiaworld
Talisman Emperor 122 Wuxiaworld
Tranxending Vision 45 Wuxiaworld
LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, Don't Come Here! 20 Heart n' Habit
The Book Eating Magician 207 Wuxiaworld
King of Myriad Domain 193-194 Wuxiaworld
Mezametara Chikashitsu!? ~Tensei Shoujo no Yume no Saki~ 69 Shinsori Translations
Overgeared 108-110 Wuxiaworld
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss 1258 Misty Cloud Translations
Meltdown System in Eschatology 21 Qidian International
Meltdown System in Eschatology 20 Qidian International
I Kinda Came to Another World, but Where's the Way Home? 59 AbsurdTL
The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System 24 Cnovel <3
Wiro Sableng 3 7-1 WuxiaNation TL
The Legend of the Dragon King 304 Wuxiaworld
My MCV and Doomsday 80 Qidian International
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort 331 Qidian International
Library of Heaven's Path 406 Gravity Tales
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Latest OEL Releases

View Series Vol Chap Extra
The Fragile Monster Lord 11-3
The Undying Prince 7-6
The Zombie Knight 151-1407
The World Inside a Dream 16
Hardcore: Qi Worlds 35
The Divine Path 53 Chapter 53: Snow
Demon of the Darkest Night 67 ~ Sixty-Seven - Alliance of the Darkest Night (Three)
I Was A Loner, But My Class Got Summoned To Another World And Now… 1 Intermission 1
Metaworld Chronicles 62 Chapter 62 - First World Problems
King of the Mountain 49 49 - Family Bonding Time
Twisting Fate 119 Chapter 119
Dungeon Heart 33 Chapter 33: Competition Start!
Vigil Until Dawn 1 1-5 Those That Dream Of Demons
Soul Quest Online 18 Chapter 18 Prelude to the Hunt
When Plush comes to Shove 85 Chapter 85 -
Domain Warz 15 Chapter 15: Operation 'Surprise Buttsex'
Dead Dragon's Combat Manual 10 Chapter 10: Infiltration
Blue Phoenix 734
Soul Exchange Program 59 CH 59 - Tempest I
New World + 22 Ch.22 Other
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Latest RSS Feeds

Content Tags Group
FF: Chapter 28 : Hiring a mercenary chapter 28, Fantasy falls, hiring an mercenary, 兑换佣兵, 第28章 ShiroKun's Translation
The Aloof Prince Chapter 41 - Indescribable Feeling of Familiarity Empress, Empress Dowager Zheng, Imperial Concubine Qin, Mu Lingzhu, Mu Yunjin Novus Treasures
VS Episode 1 Chapter 2 Valhalla Saga Myoniyoni Translations
~WDQK Chapter 941/2/3~ Wu Dong Qian Kun WuxiaWorld
⚔️Talisman Emperor — 123⚔️ Anti Cliff 2x Talisman Emperor WuxiaWorld
⚔️Talisman Emperor — 122⚔️ Talisman Emperor WuxiaWorld
MGA Chapter 2286-2287 Release Uncategorized WuxiaWorld
TranXending Vision Chapter 45 out now! TranXending Vision WuxiaWorld
(20)- LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, don’t come here! LITTLE GOBLIN: Master don't come here! Heart n' Habit
BEM Chapter 207 The Book Eating Magician WuxiaWorld
🍺Lord of All Realms Chapter 193-194🍺 Lord of All Realms WuxiaWorld
Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 69 english translation, Japanese Novel, Mezametara Chikashitsu!?, Translation, web novel Shinsori Translations
OG Chapter 108-110 Overgeared WuxiaWorld
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss Chapter 1258 Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss Misty Cloud Translations
I’m alive! Uncategorized Omega Harem
I Kinda Came to Another World – 59 Uncategorized Absurd Translation
After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week – Chapter 66 Chapter Foreword Simple Harmonic Machine Translation
Scum Villain System: Chapter 24 scum villain system, translation Cnovel <3
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