OEL Series Releases:

Tue 2019.06.18

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Pretty Girl Problems - A science fiction story of epic proportions 49 Chapter 49
How to Kidnap your Princess ... and she met a stalwart, confident Prince ...
The Necromancer Raids Again 21 Chapter 21: Tripping and Gearing Up
Yaru and The Demon in The Temple 13 chapter 13: Hàoqí
Young Adversary 130 130th Adversary: Ace Vs The Dragon Stars!
A new zombie apocalypse Teara we can't keep him!!
Heaven Chronicles: Raven rising (A LitRPG adventure) 26 Chapter 26 – Leave no one behind
Finley- The Lost Prince 46 Chapter 46: The Little Tyrant
Atonement of an Immortal 68 Chapter 68: Splitting the sky!
Visiting an Old One 4-4 Chapter 4 - Part 4
Flow 12 Comprehensive.Ch12
Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith 298 Chapter 298 - Reign of Chaos (II)
Defiance of the Fall 39 Chapter 39 - Guidance
Diary of Erica Kron 345 Day 345
Welcome to the Dungeon 13 Chapter 13
A new zombie apocalypse Now What!!!
Lone: The Wanderer 4 22 Book 4 Chapter 22: Fearing The Unknown and Resisting Oneself
Azarinth Healer 205 Chapter 205 Discovery Channel
Re: Dungeon Conqueror 6 Chapter 6: It is NOT the Corpse
The Wizard's Obsession 3 Final Transaction (3)
Forgotten Dungeon 15 015.5 - The divine vision
One in the Chamber Night dread
Girl with the Golden-Cat eyes Another will open...
Two.Point.O - Lviii -
Red Twilight God of Hunger 78 Red Twilight God of Hunger chapter 78
A Cheap, OP Brawler 80 Chapter 80: The 'Trapped' Noblewoman
Gloominess +1 17 Chapter 17. The Rider
The Disobedient And Barbaric Daughter Story Two | Lekranian – A New Friend, A New Ally (i)
Grave of Heroes 24 Chapter 24
Grave of Heroes 23 Chapter 23
Reborn in Tales of Demons and Gods Entering the Heavenly Sacred Border
Chameleon: My Real Face 48 Chapter 48 - Future Plans (*)
Substitute Hero 2 49 Amazon
I Accidentally Stole a God News of Prince Zhang
I Accidentally Stole a God Teaching Alchemy
The Reincarnated Master Craftsman Just Wants To Live A Peaceful Life. 21 (Chpt. 21) Guide.
Dragon Heart. Iron Will. LitRPG wuxia saga. Book 2 2 106 Chapter 106
The Crows and the Plague Millions May Follow
Wholly Undead 35 Chapter 35: Her Lady Approaches
The Disobedient And Barbaric Daughter 2 Volume Two, Story Two's Beginning
I Got Reincarnated on Earth, Only to Get Summoned Back to My Old World XVI: Kulas
Deck of Souls Win a Deck of Souls Audiobook! :D
Twisted Branches [Rewrite] Map of the Drasil Plains and the neighbouring lands
Apex Code 30 30 - Knowledge
Primordial Flame 2 6 PF Book Two: Chapter 6
One in the Chamber What to do from here...?
Rebirth: Monarchs 210 Chapter 210: An Early Matchup
Upside Down 83 Chapter 83: Sora + Ryu = ?
Kammi Kettu 25 25: Shard
Shipshape 10-2 Chapter 10 - Raiders pt. 2