Ah Chun

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Ah Chun a little girl who had just lost her mother meets a woman named Mei Liling that takes Ah Chun as her disciple. Ah Chun is then brought into the world of Immortal Cultivation and starts to learn how to cultivate. After an incident in her home village, she made a vow to the heavens to stand at the apex of all. The heavens answered her vow and now she has no choice but to become the strongest. How will Ah Chun fair in this blood fueled world of immortal cultivation? Will she survive it all and stand at the apex or will she fail and be struck down by heavenly retribution?

"Mr. Li, what is the meaning of this? Your daughter has my birth mothers bracelet. "

"So what if I took it! A beggar like you should have died off months ago. You were lucky that we didn't sell you to a slave trader to become some plaything for the highest bidder! You and that slut mother of yours did nothing for this village! You should have died along with her!"

"Mother is it ok to kill someone like this trash over there?"

"Chun'er if you let him live and just beat him, he will most likely try to get revenge, so it's better to remove him from this world altogether."

"Un! Chun'er understands and has learned Mothers lesson well. Chun'er will now rid this world of trash who do not know right from wrong!"

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