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Andromeda is ... er, was ... a prostitute.

She, a mature woman in the big city, just wanted to survive and thrive on her own will and wit. Andrea Romina Edan ― having gone to a prestigious business college and graduating, yet ending up as a high class prostitute ― she now calls herself 'Andromeda Champion' as her street name. And the business of dealing with other peoples' lusts is good, and profitable. So profitable, she cannot see herself ever returning to a 'proper' business. But then when a 'serial killer' has targeted her as his go-to target ... she is left with little recourse but to ... die.

In another world, the demigod Perseus, on his way to become an official god and part of its pantheon, is tricked and ejected from his world by a female colleague who thinks his attained spot in the pantheon should be 'hers' by right. In short, he was unceremoniously dumped ― as a mate to the jealous demigoddess, and also by her forcing him to another world so she wouldn't have to look at him. Overpowered by others, he is thrown through a portal to Earth, with little to no way to return himself, yet a small trace of power to send someone else in his behalf, which his former mate did not seem able to take from him.

In this city on Earth he's ejected into, he ends up landing practically next to the dying Andromeda, a high-end courtesan who was brutally slashed and dumped in an alley. Dead or dying, she is rescued by him when their paths met ― he literally offers her a final deal: to run the dungeon he'd been using on that world as his 'secret hideout' as its Dungeon Mistress, and also to be his Apostle in the world above it. Her life path before this point will not allow her much of a future; but if she will go to Perseus' former world and be his stand-in and make a way for his return to his home world, it will go a long way to her being able to have a much better future.

Then too because of her love for cats, he also transforms her into a catkin woman, with a tail and everything. And, as it so happens, he will not mind her frivolities with herself or others ... so long as she does not forget the 'Dungeon Mistress' or 'Apostle' side of things. And, she will have a lot to contend with ― fellow dungeon lords (not all enemies), various deities and religions (not all so good), and then ... those Adventurers, in time-

This is her story, the story of ... Andromeda's Dungeon ... in a world called Lastop; where, she only hopes this is not her 'last stop'.

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