Harem Warfare

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Every boy dreams of having a harem.

To be served by lots of women hand and foot, whose loyalty to their master is manifested through affectionate gestures and unquestionable loyalty, is what every single boy has fantasized during or after their...'nightly sessions'.

Thus, every 30 years, a select few Harem Kings are chosen and given permission to make a harem of their own, limited to only seven loyal females who can not only protect their master but also assist him in his everyday tasks.

Branded by a seal on their right hand and blessed with an enhanced constitution, they exert their might and influence by the power of their Harems.

For one boy however, he prefers not having a harem and tries to distance himself from the growing feelings of the girls surrounding him.

Unfortunately, nobody escapes their destiny of being chosen as a Harem King, and this is his journey of accepting and eventually embracing his role as one of the chosen Harem Kings.

Come and see how these Harem Kings wage war against other Harem Kings, in a world where quality trumps over quantity, where loyalty is more valuable than sex, where harem slayers wage brutal wars against all harems and harem kings.

When a Harem King wages war, his Harem fights alongside him.

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  • Harem Warfare
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