Crazy girls

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I thought that I finally hit the jackpot.

I thought that this was my chance to realize my dream.

Well. I should have seen it coming. Never trust a demon to not try to fuck you up.

"Dear... Are you trying to leave me?"

Fuck! I ducked as I avoided the knife that nearly stabbed me.

"Akira-Kun is mine."

Lol. You think I didn't see you put the drugs in my drink.

Those girls are fucking crazy!!!! But... Gotta admit that they are hot. Hum... Perhaps... I am the craziest one of the bunch?... Na.... No one is saner than me.

--- Disclaimer: Only my OC belong to me.

AN: The title say it all. Crazy girls. The main setting of the story is Hotd. More precisely zombie and all. But it's better to say that the story is more a large cross over with different characters coming together. I hope you will like it.

Release rate: it will be slow at first before I accelerate. Don't forget to leave me comments

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