Daughters of Aeidia

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For centuries, the kingdom of Aeidia has flourished under the benevolent rule of House Aeidel. Two young mages try to find their place in the world, facing hardships and trials that very few others in the world have experienced.

Elena is a young girl, raised by a brutal crime lord and kept as his secret weapon in the cutthroat politicking of the underworld.

Helios hails from the other side of society, raised in the Royal Family of Aeidel to be a shining beacon that everyone can look upon and feel safe. Yet he struggles with his own identity, unaware of who he really is and who he wants to be.

As dark forces begin to stir, working their tendrils into the very fabric of the Kingdom, the two must find themselves and unravel the secrets that threaten everything they know.


This story has been co-written alongside Necroma.

Cover artwork by Redactedthegreat

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  • Daughters of Aeidia
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