Fantasy Dungeon in a Sci-fi Galaxy [WIP Title]

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When a Veteran Dungeon Master and Fairy are offered a more challenging mission and to get them out of a predicament by their Creator Goddess they accept for better rewards.

Julie once a normal human, she was reincarnated into a Dungeon Master after nearly 15 dutiful years the world of Góra had declared that her Dungeon was simply to deadly and closed its doors to her Dungeon. another 5 years passed before her Creator Goddess or known by her "Children" as the "Game Master"...

The Goddess gave a very hard offer to refuse for a one time Dungeon reset she will send them to a new world but will allow Julie to manifest a physical form and aid within her Dungeons defense something she could have gotten if not that she was closed...

But what Julie and Erika her fairy didn't know that this world was a still developing Human colony of the Terrain Federation an emerging power within the Orion arm but this would be their first contact with the same timeline as Julie, who died only few days ago.

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  • Fantasy Dungeon in a Sci-fi Galaxy [WIP Title]
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