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Also known as "Sweeping Through the Entertainment World," the entertainment version of "Everyone Loves the Heroine."

In the entertainment industry, there are many rumors about Xiang Qingwei.

Rumor has it that there's no one Xiang Qingwei can't turn into a star.

Xiang Qingwei: "Want to be famous? Here's my business card, contact me."

Rumor has it that Xiang Qingwei engages in unspoken rules with her male artists.

Xiang Qingwei raises an eyebrow: "Unspoken rules with artists? Sorry, I never mix business with pleasure."

Rumor has it that Xiang Qingwei's success in the industry is due to a wealthy backer.

Xiang Qingwei lighting a cigarette: "Oh? When can I meet this backer?"

Rumors about Xiang Qingwei...

Xiang Qingwei smiles: "Sorry, I'm an agent, not an artist. I hope everyone won't pay too much attention to my private life. You could pay more attention to our Jiayi's newly wrapped movie 'XXX' releasing on the Xth of X month..."

But sometimes, rumors are not just rumors. A mogul from a film and television company: "Have you had enough fun?"

A popular influencer: "I will take responsibility for you."

A fresh-faced young star: "Why is it okay for everyone else but not me?!"

Content Tags: Devoted Love, Entertainment Circle, Strong Female Lead, Refreshing Story Main Character: Xiang Qingwei | Supporting Characters: Many

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