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The first space based VRMMO game that has ever made. It was cleaned out right after the first copy was launched. An indolent teenager who got his hands on the game, which has absolute nonsense as he squander his time in the virtual world.

Ethereal Online, a game full of mysteries and enigmas. The more he dig into this game, the more riddles he will perceive.

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  • Ethereal
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Latest release - vol. 1.0, ch. 3.0
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Ethereal 1 3 Chapter 3 - Ignition JapTem Fanfic
Ethereal 1 2 Chapter 2 - Evergreen JapTem Fanfic
Ethereal 1 1 Chapter 1 - To Infinity and Beyond! JapTem Fanfic
Ethereal 5 Qidian International
Ethereal 4 Qidian International
Ethereal 3 Qidian International
Ethereal 2 Qidian International
Ethereal 1 Qidian International