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Sun 2022.12.18

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Declaration of Extra Strike Awkward Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Dungeon Master, Dungeons, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy World, First Love, Guilds, Handsome Male Lead, Hunters, Kono Sekai ga Game da to, Ore dake ga Shitte Iru (WN), Love Rivals, Magic, Misunderstandings, Modern Day, Past Plays a Big Role, Persistent Love Interests, Psychic Powers, Reincarnation, Strong Love Interests, Stubborn Protagonist, Tsundere, Weak to Strong
After Being Revived As The Cannon Fodder NPCs Are Obsessed With Cute Protagonist, Kono Sekai ga Game da to, Ore dake ga Shitte Iru (WN), Male Yandere, Obsessive Love, Stockholm Syndrome, Stubborn Protagonist, Timid Protagonist, Unlimited Flow, Weak Protagonist

Sat 2020.11.28

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My Instant Death Ability is So Overpowered, No One in This Other World Stands a Chance Against Me! Adapted to Manga, Assassins, Average-looking Protagonist, Beastkin, Beautiful Female Lead, Betrayal, Calm Protagonist, Carefree Protagonist, Cheats, Corruption, Death, Dragons, Game Elements, Goddesses, Gods, Gore, Lazy Protagonist, Level System, Male Protagonist, Monsters, Multiple Realms, Multiple Transported Individuals, Mysterious Past, Overpowered Protagonist, Parody, Past Plays a Big Role, Protagonist Falls in Love First, Protagonist Strong from the Start, R-15, Ruthless Protagonist, S*aves, Special Abilities, Stubborn Protagonist, Survival, Sword And Magic, Transported to Another World, Underestimated Protagonist