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Mon 2019.10.14

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Alliances 6-08 (Summus Proelium) Actually‚ Anchovy‚ I'm Pretty Sure Pencil Would Be Even More Annoyed About You Killing Paintball Before He Could Exact His Own Revenge For Hurting Cup., Anchovy, Box, Cassidy Evans, Cup, Fork, Given Who They Worked For‚ That-A-Way Doesn't Even Feel That Guilty About Saving Holiday Rather Than Either Of The Scion Thugs They Had Tied Up In There., Holiday, Mars Bar, Pack, Paintball, Pencil, Riddles, Summus Proelium, That-A-Way, Tuesday, Twinkletoes Heretical Edge

Wed 2019.10.09

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Alliances 6-07 (Summus Proelium) Box, Cassidy Evans, Cup, Fork, Holiday, Mars Bar, Pack, Paintball, Riddles, Summus Proelium, That-A-Way, The Nature Of The Medium Means You Guys Don't Even Know If That Bass Guy They Mentioned Is Like The Fish Or The Guitar‚ And Either Works for This Gang., Tuesday, Twinkletoes, Wait Until Cup Encounters Someone Who Has Given Themselves Intense Pavlovian Conditioning To Throat-Punch Anyone Who Asks Them A Ridiculous Question. Heretical Edge

Fri 2019.08.23

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Collectors 5-05 (Summus Proelium) Amber O'Connell, Cassidy Evans, Connor Lensroy, Holiday, I'm Sure Cassidy's Ex's Dad Being Transferred Back From the UK Has Nothing To Do With Her Parents Saying They'd Send Her To the UK If She Takes The Truth Badly., Jae Baek, Mars Bar, Otis Uttell, Pack, Pack Realized Paintball Could've JUMPED Out Of The Alley Instead Of Being Thrown And The Driver Wouldn't Know The Difference. She Didn't Want To Ruin Mars' Fun., Paintball, Riddles, Summus Proelium, Tuesday, Twinkletoes Heretical Edge

Mon 2019.07.22

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Pursuit 4-07 (Summus Proelium) Ashton Austin, Cassidy Evans, Dani Kalvers, Holiday, Mars Bar, Pack, Paintball, Riddles, Seriously‚ Ashton‚ The Line Of Sympathy For You Losing A Friend Dries Up Around The Point Where You're Fine With Taking Away Hundreds Of Other People's Friends., Summus Proelium, Tuesday, Twinkletoes, Well‚ I For One Am Shocked That The Girl Who Was Introduced In The Interlude Before This Arc Was Suddenly Relevant At Some Point In This One. Heretical Edge
Interlude 3A – The Girl With The Lizards (Summus Proelium) Bonus Points To Anyone Who Guesses Dani's La Casa Name Before It's Revealed In-Story., Cardsharp, Dani Kalvers, Holiday, Is It Really Wrong To Want Cassidy To At Least Spend Some Time At This Supervillain Boot Camp?, KD Rafferty, Riddles, Summus Proelium, Tuesday, Twinkletoes Heretical Edge