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Wed 2017.05.24

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The Harem was a Forced Goal – Volume 2, Zana 1 Uncategorized Fantasy-Books
Leveling Up by Walking – 26 Uncategorized Absurd Translation
I Kinda Came to Another World – 51 Uncategorized Absurd Translation
The Annals of the Flame Kingdom – Prologue AFK, Uncategorized Daikyun Translations
Chapter 88: Silver and Gold Uncategorized Estelion's secret Imouto
Overthrowing Fate Chapter 130 Uncategorized Blue Phoenix
The boy from the forest CH 2 Uncategorized KitaKami Ooi
Modern Fantasy – Prologue (Teaser) Uncategorized Sloth Translations
Announcement Post for Schedule Change Uncategorized Kokuma Translations
Arena Chapter 81 Uncategorized Kokuma Translations
Arena Chapter 80 Uncategorized Kokuma Translations
Ever Since I Take Home An Adonis Who Has Lost His Business – Chapter 01~05 Ever Since I Take Home An Adonis Who Has Lost His Business, Uncategorized Otome ShiShi Za

Tue 2017.05.23

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TEORA – Maroon 5 – Chapter 36 Uncategorized Daikyun Translations
I Got Sick ;-; Uncategorized Shurim's 3am Translations
Xian Ni chapter 476 Release! Uncategorized Five Star Specialists
Blue Phoenix Chapter 592 Uncategorized Blue Phoenix
DGHAW: 12 Uncategorized Panda Translations
Eliza chapter 151 – Useless things Uncategorized Omega Harem
Chapter 86: Former knight’s heart Chapter 87: To Confront Uncategorized Estelion's secret Imouto
八宝妆 Eight Treasures Trousseau Chapter Thirty Four “The Fang Family” Uncategorized Dreams of Jianghu
2 chapters tomorrow Uncategorized Kokuma Translations
Musings – Technical Difficulties Info Update, Uncategorized Ziru's Musings | Translations~
World Teacher 79 (Self Edited) – The Road She Walks Uncategorized Bayabusco Translation
Love You 59 Seconds – Chapter 38 Love You 59 Seconds, Uncategorized Otome ShiShi Za
V1 Afterword/Commentary + V2 Illustrations & Prologue Uncategorized (NanoDesu) - Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho!

Mon 2017.05.22

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Founder of Diabolism – Chapter 11 Uncategorized En Xiao
Friends With Benefits – Chapter 09 Friends With Benefits, Uncategorized Otome ShiShi Za
☯ ISSTH Chapter 1489 ☯ I Shall Seal the Heavens, Uncategorized WuxiaWorld
Xian Ni chapter 475 Release! Uncategorized Five Star Specialists
New Release: WN, V.6, Ch.145 Uncategorized Snowy Publications
A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapters 17 & 18 #chinese novel translation, #c-novel, Uncategorized Killer Ninja Scrap Book
Inma no Hado chapter 98 Uncategorized Machine Sliced Bread
WDDE: 24 and DGHAW: 11 Uncategorized Panda Translations
Kansu Ch57 Uncategorized TheLazy9
Eliza chapter 150 – To noble school Uncategorized Omega Harem
~WDQK Chapter 754~ Uncategorized, Wu Dong Qian Kun WuxiaWorld
☠EoSP Chapter 121 Release☠ Uncategorized WuxiaWorld
Chapter 85: To suck blood Uncategorized Estelion's secret Imouto
Eliza chapter 149 – Between the royal capital and the battlefield Uncategorized Omega Harem

Sun 2017.05.21

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Eliza chapter 148 – The battle of Ritox Plateau, part 2 Uncategorized Omega Harem
Xian Ni Chapter 474 Release! Uncategorized Five Star Specialists
Episode 2 Section 1 Part 3 Posted Uncategorized (NanoDesu) - MajoNaka
Overthrowing Fate Chapter 129 Uncategorized Blue Phoenix
Interlude: Stuck in a Rut Uncategorized The Iron Teeth
Chapter 147 – The battle of Ritox Plateau, part 1 Uncategorized Omega Harem
Chapter 84: Gold and silver Uncategorized Estelion's secret Imouto
The boy found in the forest. CH 1 + Summary Uncategorized KitaKami Ooi
Cut & Paste Chapter 42 Uncategorized Junk Burst Translations
Eliza chapter 146 – Is it a good or bad evaluation? Uncategorized Omega Harem
Eliza chapter 145 – Audience Uncategorized Omega Harem