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Sun 2017.06.25

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Hero Pandemic chapter 22 Uncategorized Machine Sliced Bread
Inma no Hado ch.102 Uncategorized Machine Sliced Bread
[SYWZ] 485 Uncategorized Totokk's Translations
June Update (3/2) – Biblia volume 3 COMPLETE Uncategorized (NanoDesu) - Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou
DWGMSFF Chapter 121 Demon Wang's Favorite Fei, Uncategorized Volare Translations
30 Gantung, Uncategorized MyEngTranslation
Love You 59 Seconds – Chapter 50 Love You 59 Seconds, Uncategorized Otome ShiShi Za
Akashic Records of the Bastard Magic Instructor, Volume 2, Chapter 4 Uncategorized yuNS Translations
Xian Ni Chapter 509 Release! Uncategorized Five Star Specialists
Mile Chapter 60: Return Uncategorized Estelion's secret Imouto

Sat 2017.06.24

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TI Vol 19 Chapter 10-2 Terror Infinity, Uncategorized WuxiaWorld
Law of the devil chapter 284 is released. Uncategorized Bcat00 Translation
The First Hunter Chapter 53 Uncategorized Wuxia Lovers
Gasaraki Second Dance – The Weather Wheel Chapter 2, Gasaraki, manga, Mecha, Uncategorized Anime, manga, translations
Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 24 Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home, RFSH, romance, translations, Uncategorized Incarneous
Volume Completion: Kokoro Connect Volume 5 Uncategorized NanoDesu Light Novel Translations
Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 70 Release Uncategorized Shinku Translation
Collaborating with Shun! Uncategorized Triangle Novels
World Teacher 84 (Self Edited) – All I Can Do Now Uncategorized Bayabusco Translation
MGA Chapters 1795-1798 Release Martial God Asura, Uncategorized WuxiaWorld
Friends With Benefits – Chapter 14 Friends With Benefits, Uncategorized Otome ShiShi Za

Fri 2017.06.23

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Law of the devil chapter 283 is out!!! Uncategorized Bcat00 Translation
Quick Announcement/Apology 2017, announcement, June, Uncategorized Sleepchaser's Cot
Renai Jijou 11 Uncategorized Hanashi Oba-san
Renai Jijou 11 Magic Academy's Romantic Circumstances, renai-jijou, the-magic-academys-romantic-circumstances, Uncategorized Hanashi Oba-san
Cathy Chapter 2-8: Invasion from the sky Uncategorized Estelion's secret Imouto
Xian Ni Chapter 508 Release! Uncategorized Five Star Specialists
Reign of the Hunters DOUBLE CHAPTERS!!! Uncategorized Volare Translations
Xian Ni Chapter 507 Release! Uncategorized Five Star Specialists
Meigyoku no Almaine volume 1 Illustrations part 2 Uncategorized Mayonaize Shrimp Translation
DTPB Chapter 78 Divine Throne of Primordial Blood, Uncategorized Volare Translations
DTPB Chapter 77 Divine Throne of Primordial Blood, Uncategorized Volare Translations
Shoutout to anyone going to Anime Expo 2017 @Los Angeles Convention Center! Uncategorized yuNS Translations
Not a Chapter. Uncategorized Tsundere ojisan
Episode 11『Emergency Events』 Uncategorized Norva Blog
Episode 10『Being Frightened By Darkness』 Uncategorized Norva Blog
UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 12 Uncategorized Konobuta
-Chapter 41 Uncategorized Fun With Stela
Episode 9『Because You Have Taken Advantage of People』 Uncategorized Norva Blog
The First Hunter Chapter 52 Uncategorized Wuxia Lovers
The Love Story of A Passerby – Chapter 08 The Love Story of A Passerby, Uncategorized Otome ShiShi Za

Thu 2017.06.22

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Xian Ni chapter 506 Release! Uncategorized Five Star Specialists
TEORA – Maroo 5 – Chapter 38 TEORA, Uncategorized Daikyun Translations
The Power of Creation – Chapter 37 Uncategorized Machine Sliced Bread
Mira Chapter 48: Swordsman Uncategorized Estelion's secret Imouto
Meigyoku no Almaine volume 1 Illustrations Uncategorized Mayonaize Shrimp Translation
Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 22 Uncategorized Useless no 4
Chapters 21 and 22 are up :D Uncategorized Yang God
Chapter 15-2 is out ^.^ Uncategorized (NanoDesu) - Vermillion
VGAFH 31 Uncategorized Radiant Translations