Is This The End?

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For Nate, the world was once a nice and friendly place, at least until they came. The Bobbies. No one knows how it started. One day their loved ones turned on them, devouring them like an eight-course meal. The reason for this remains unknown, and now the biggest worry anybody has is surviving.

* * *

Ten years ago, the Outbreak happened, dooming more than half of the human population to the infection and turned into Bobbies: flesh-eating monsters that most want to see exterminated. Nate is just a survivor in this new crazy world whose only goal is to live to see another day. He doesn't go out of his way to help others, and he isn't a hero. All Nate wants to do is survive in his hideaway and remain hidden from the rest of the world.

This all changes when Vanessa comes barging into his life. Now, he has to decide if he should risk himself in order to help Vanessa survive. It won't be easy with all the crazed Bobbies and other creatures of the night that came creeping into light in all the chaos. And the Nightmare Terror Specialized Unit is constantly on their tails and actively hunting all witches down. Will Nate help Vanessa? And if he does, will he succeed in helping them both survive? With everyone against them, only time will tell.

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