The Madec Legacy

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The dawn of Emotion Based A.I.s is here, John is the fifth test subject to have an AI implemented in his brain, and so far the first one to survive.

Blinded by the dream of immortality, the researchers push the tests to inhumane standards. John is obligated to take part in sessions of torture designed to test the limits of the AI influence over the physical and mental health. What was supposed to be a new beginning in life turns into living hell.

An (un)lucky twist ends his life. John then reincarnates with his AI in a new world where a System influences the interaction between Magic and Matter. With seemingly limitless potential and a game-like system influencing the world, the hero sets on his journey.


I will state here my promises to you, potential reader:

1. No harem! I don't trust myself to make a harem feel natural or healthy, I never met any person who has a personality that can adapt and live in a harem for reasons that are not monetary, so I can't draw inspiration from real life. Sorry!;

2. The enemies will not be bland and illogically mean. Some may feel like that at first, but I will take great care in fleshing them out, trust me. You may end up hating some, but you won't be able to deny that they had their reasons for what they did;

3. I am using a paid (and expensive) automated editor tool, and I take longer to write because I take my time in editing the stuff. I am aiming to improve and I will not shy away from constructive criticism, nor take offense for no reason;

4. Characters will die and will suffer, some will get over the tragedies and improve, others will not be as resilient.

5. This novel has a lot of ground to cover, it is neither a short story, a manual on crafting, or the script of some action scene. There will be both time skips and oversimplifications of some actions for the sake of moving the story forward. Time skips will be more prominent in the first 30 chapters. I will describe crafting processes and fights with more detail if they are essential for the chapter;

6. If I took my time describing something, it's because it is important. I hate novels that wastes time describing useless stuff. If you skim over something, the chances are that something in the future will not make sense. I am an adept of "Chekhov's gun" principle;

7. I already have 31k words on my auxiliary documents, I have a plan for the story, and I will not be making changes even if someone ends up noticing some foreshadowing and figures out what will happen. The story comes first.

8. I have a wife, a job that demands 9h every day and courses related to my job (lawyer) three days of the week, it's unlikely that I will be able to do mass releases at all. I will have a healthy amount of chapters to be able to post at least 1 chapter every day continually. Don't worry.

9. I will read all the comments. I will listen to all you have to say and will try my best to accommodate demands as long as they do not hamper the path I prepared.

10. There is an arc that spans the entire novel. Each volume will be an arc in itself while progressing a little bit of the main arc. Every arc will have one or more main antagonists.

I think that's it! Thank you for reading it all. Have an awesome time reading my first novel!! <3

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