DIZION: Realm of Mortals

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For my desire of a future with assured protection, I brought a calamity of endless devastation.

Who will forgive?


Over the blazing flames of a hellish monster territory called Nobyss, once, reside the diziens living peacefully on the five floating lands of Dizion the Realm of Mortals. But not until the monarch of Wineart Kingdom, Tzar Fei wreaked havoc, broke her boundaries, conquered nations, and caused the deaths of many innocent mortals during her reign. In the end, the diziens united on a revolution to finally, after all the suffering, bring justice to those who were wronged, to those who were hurt, to those who lost, and to those who died.

On the last night of their revolution, the people rejoiced. Everyone was happy. It was a success.

Has Tzar Fei really died?

Unbeknownst to them, this matriarch, whose entire existence is a curse to most, actually lived. No, Tzar Fei simply transmigrated into Yumi's pet.

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  • DIZION: Realm of Mortals
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