Chronicles of the Prince of Calamity

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After summoning the Black Beast of Calamity as his familiar, Prince Loic Von Stronheim found himself ostracized and feared by everyone he's ever cared for. Feeling hurt and betrayed, he became overwhelmed with jealousy towards his half brother Siegfried, whom, after summoning the Great Dragon Bhast as his own familiar, had taken his place as the first prince and heir to the throne, as well as the love of his own fiancé, Lady Liliana. In an attempt to win back what was rightfully his, Loic competed with his half brother over everything, only to lose spectacularly every time. Even his continued pestering of his Fiancé only further pushed the two together. In the end, after realizing her feelings for Siegfried, Liliana had her engagement to Loic annulled.

Loic, now filled with hatred and contempt, gathered his loyal retainers and staged a coup, culminating in a final battle between him and Siegfried. However, Siegfried and Liliana proved to be too much for Loic to handle, and he was ultimately defeated. After just narrowly escaping with his life, he found himself in the care of a young commoner girl in a poor village in the Kingdom. Realizing his mistake, as well as his feelings for the girl, he vowed to live peacefully in the Village, however...

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  • Chronicles of The Prince of Calamity
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