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In a universe where magic is law, all arcane knowledge is bound by the Aspects, powerful elements that govern all of reality. Among several discoveries from study of the elements, the most significant yielded was a universal rule: a wielder can only "act" upon either the "self", or the "world outside the self", but never both.

When a young mage named Auriel attempted to break the rule, the results led to a horrific crime, earning her the punishment of being stripped entirely of her magical essence. Now labeled as a 'husk', she spends her days performing daily tasks befitting those without magic ability.

While the threat of humanity's ancient enemy brews in the backdrop, she is approached by agents of a mysterious organization striking a deal to help her regain her powers, in exchange for a peculiar price: helping them take over the world.


-First novel/story posted by me, so will be experimenting with it quite a bit. Writing this as a light novel, but will consider going further.

-Primarily hard fantasy, with occasional sci-fi elements mixed in.

-Unorthodox method of writing with a bit of a combination of script/descriptive and a blend of tenses, with character names on the side to track the speaker during dialogue. Example- Johnny: -grins- "Obviously I'm the best park ranger."

-Planned bi-weekly releases (though I still work full time so hey, schedule might be a bit irregular).

-A shift in scenes is signaled by the symbol ~X~

Please leave any constructive feedback, I'd love to make this story the best version of itself!

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