Ancient Mana Dungeon Core.

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Yes the tags are necessary , they will make sense eventually too.

Art is not mine, found it on pintrest btw the title on the thing apparently has no name, or at least no title that you can search, at least, but i found this: 'ArtStation - [UE4] Lost Temple Ruins Jonas Axelsson' (if your curious I was searching ancient temple game art when i found it don't bother clicking the link on the thing that says facebook, it does not work) (i will not lie this is kinda my first publication so go easy on me).

A while ago I fell in love with the Dungeon Core stories and decided: 'Heck, why not make my own spin on things!' and so i started brainstorming what to do and i kinda just found the idea for the story during it.

This is the story of a guy named Michael Alex (not a typo that is the name I will be using for him) he was an avid fiction writer and reader who was just sitting on his couch playing a puzzle game on his phone called: Ruins of Drailmor Keep (a three in one deal: tower defence, Puzzle (mazes generally), and world building (namely building on the ashes of fallen empires and regulating certain things while the waves of enemies keeps coming back to burn it down and ruin it just like the curse would while ocasionally sending out your own monsters to get rare rescources)) when he gets an alert and well one thing leads to another and he died to a freak avalanche. He then comes into contact with the universe's will (basically something that *insert your prefered deity here* cooperated with to make the world (heaven, hell, the mortal world, yggdrasil, basically every "world" that has been made (in reality, mythology, games, books, cartoons/movies, and memes!) but also had a mind of its own at the same talk.) and Michael and the Universe's Will talked and this story is about the outcome of said discussion.

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