A Demon Lord's Reincarnation

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Long ago there was a Demon Lord that terrorized the land. In response, a great hero was summoned and the great beast was slain. After 300 years, this great conflict is now taught in history class. Specifically the time before the Great Cultural Appropriation and after the Rise of the Hero Xander.

Selina's never been good at history, but when she wakes up one morning with memories of her past life as the Demon Lord, it might be time for a brush-up. With ancient powers stirring, family problems, and the hectic life of a teenager, Selina will have to discover more about herself if she is going to survive the trials ahead. With the help of her best friend and a fair share of luck, she might just get through this alive. Maybe.

Author Blurb:

Hey all! Just wanted to let the readers know why I'm writing this. Everyone in my family is a huge fan of fantasy and reading in general, and with the times being what they are, I'm not sure if I'll see them all for Christmas. So with that in mind, I've decided to write this book and give it to my younger siblings as a Christmas present! I'm hoping that I can get the help of all of you to help me edit and proofread it so it's present-able by then!

So join me on this thrilling adventure as we see Selina explore her past and present with friends and co! Become my slave-, er, free labo-, I mean comrades in arms! And help me get this gift-worthy by Christmas!

(I plan to write like a mad man while also working a 40-50 hour work week... Selina's not the only one courting death in these upcoming chapters. I pray I survive the next month and a half...)

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  • A Demon Lord's Reincarnation
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