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Farnezian only wished to perfect his slaves, but Princess Darva, Grand Wizard of Space, required the superior blood of genetically enhanced beings, and only Farnezian, Grand Wizard of Slavery, could give her what she wanted. As a loyal subject of the Dark Empire of Zabulen, Farnezian couldn't go against the Princess, and so, he had no choice but to aid her.In the deep, dark, and warm caves of the Empire, an unholy ritual was performed, but Darva's folly led her experiment to end in catastrophic failure, dragging Farnezian into the fallout.When he came to be, he found himself in another world along with a half-dozen naked people, but his slaves and Darva were not among them. Men and women in antiquated armor or flimsy magical robes knelt before the naked, confused group, hailing them as the saviors of their people.But the only people Farnezian ever saved were the slaves he bought and engineered into perfect beings.--What to expect: villainous lead that does disgusting things to disgusting people. VERY SLOW pace, but not as slow as Rupegia. Male/female, female/female, and rarely male/male sex scenes.Update frequency: rarely as this is my backup story, so I'll only write for it when I have time and energy.

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