Falling, Fallen

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What happens when the world you live in was not the same. When you see your reality shatter right in front of you, your ideals, your common sense, everything shatter. Then a dragon came out of the hiding who was living in your house for quiet a long time. then after that you were attacked by a Vampire, then from a werewolf and then everything you can think off. "What the fuck just happened". That's the only he could say. ================================== I will only upload 3 chapters a week. Please deal with it for now before I correct my writing schedule. ================================ Get Daily updates on my Patreon Link:- https://www.patreon.com/Daoist0TtDC5 You can also support me PayPal :- https://paypal.me/Daoist0TtDC5?country.x=MY&locale.x=ms_MY Give me Ko-Fi :- https://ko-fi.com/daoist0ttdc5

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  • Falling, Fallen
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