Earth Ascension

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If you are looking for Monsters, Magic, Epic battles, Levelling, System interaction, Skills, Quests, Dungeons and more. Then please Join our protagonist on his journey as he and all of humanity are ripped from their day to day lives and forced to battle on behalf of transcendent beings that have failed to resolve an eternal war amongst themselves.----The system arrived within the Ascended universe, a higher plane of reality where miracles happened daily. After the chaos of the arrival of the system that triggered devastating wars amongst the residents of the Ascended universe, an uneasy peace was agreed upon by all species. That was until the figurehead of the Angelic alliance left the ascended universe, his last words to his children sparked a war that would last eons.

On Earth it is December 2021 and everyone on our planet is too busy being concerned with pandemics, global warming, collapsing economies and still feeling a little embittered about how poorly their favourite tv show ended. They don't know that they are about to be dragged into the eternal conflict between the Angels and Demons, recruited by the opposing forces to help break the stalemate. Upon being dragged into the Ascended Universe, our protagonist finds that he has been incorporated into an omnipotent system that summarises everyone's existence and abilities down to quantifiable basic numbers. The system seemingly acts as an impartial observer to the whims of the sentient creatures within the Ascended universe, enabling people to increase their power. To the lucky few who gain greater access to the system, they begin to obtain near godlike powers. Our protagonist explores a new Earth where the implications of it's transportation to another universe shatters his old reality.

The secrets of the universe are gradually revealed as he journeys through a planet that has been transformed beyond recognition. Eventually he journeys out into the universe to uncover the truths behind the war and the questions that plague him: what is the system? Who created it? Who is Father? Why are the Angels and Demons fighting? Why don't I remember my life before the wall of light?


Thank you for reading this far. This is my first attempt at writing a Fantasy Adventure Litrpg, I have enjoyed every minute spent writing this story and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Chapters will be around 2000-3000+ words long, averaging 2.5k. I have built up an initial backlog so hopefully you won't have to wait too long for the story to unfold. Initially I'll aim to release at least once daily for a month or so, then change to a scheduled release that I will announce later once I can figure out a more sustainable writing schedule.

I work a full time job, I have been feverishly writing the first book over the past few months in between every moment of spare time I've had available, and even when I didn't have time, much to my partners chagrin.

Please enjoy.

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