Anima Aliena

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A starless sky lit by clouds, plants of every colour, and a once dead old man astounded by it all.

Meeting an entity that he was too stupid to believe or comprehend, having his very soul tampered with, then waking up in a relatively tiny body that was very different from what he considered his own.

This is the new life of Andrew, he who was reborn as an it; a creature perceived as female despite being anything but.

Would you truly be you if you woke up as something different?

How quickly would you adapt?

What would you do to ensure you survived?

Well, there's nothing more important to him than keeping on living.

*The use of colour in chapter one is a creative choice used to distinguish the words of a few abstract entities.

* This story is a character-driven slow burn similar in vibes to slice of life.

*Psychology which focuses on characterisation is one of the main genres.

*If this was a Japanese novel, it would have been called; Trying to survive as a fairy in another world.

*This is a work in progress.

*There is no such thing as hiatus, just learning and improving.

*Also available on Scribblehub.

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