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One day, Lucas was alone in a park while sitting on the benches. He was gazing at the countless stars of a cloudless night sky while talking to himself. Suddenly, an aura of light covered his entire body as he vanished from the park. Opening his eyes in a panic, he was now in a different space with hundreds of other humans from all over the world. While all of them were in dismay, an ethereal being appeared above them without notice. This existence spoke in a mysterious language that no one could recognize. Now, what would Lucas and the others do in this situation?

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  • Cyclus
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Cyclus 12 Chapter 12: Arenzia RoyalRoadL
Cyclus 11 Chapter 11: Struggle RoyalRoadL
Cyclus 10 Scribble Hub
Cyclus 10 Chapter 10: Realization RoyalRoadL
Cyclus 9 Scribble Hub
Cyclus 9 Chapter 9: Encounter RoyalRoadL
Cyclus 8 Scribble Hub
Cyclus 8 Chapter 8: Outer Areas RoyalRoadL
Cyclus 7 Scribble Hub
Cyclus 7 Chapter 7: Firalos RoyalRoadL
Cyclus 6 Chapter 6: First Challenge RoyalRoadL
Cyclus 5 Chapter 5: Battle RoyalRoadL
Cyclus 4 Chapter 4: Terror RoyalRoadL
Cyclus 3 Chapter 3: New Beginning RoyalRoadL
Cyclus 2 Scribble Hub
Cyclus 2 Chapter 2: Survive RoyalRoadL
Cyclus 1 Scribble Hub
Cyclus 1 Chapter 1: Chance RoyalRoadL