Ace Among Jokers

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The fate of the Kingdom lies in the palm of her hands.

Cecilia Leronova von Hathem was raised as an ornament with a useless title as the High Princess of the great Ostulia Empire. She had no influence in society and no political power. And when the King ordered for her mother's immediate execution, Cecilia swore revenge against her father and everyone involved in her mother's murder.

Angry and frightened, Cecilia has only one way out: becoming the High Queen. Unfortunately, becoming queen is easier said than done—she has to take part in the palace's power struggle and gather her followers. But that would mean going against her only younger brother and the heir to the throne, Cedrin.

Her journey to queendom leads her through a web of lies, corruption and into the hands of a ruthless king's lover. As Cecilia gathers all her supporters, Cedrin's position solidifies even more, threatening her into quickening her pace. To surpass him, Cecilia might have to pick up the sword...

And she'll need to get her hands dirty.

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