Renalia's Tale [Deckbuilding]

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What if on everyone's birthday, they got a skill card encapsulating their past year? And what if it's [Resist Hunger] seven years in a row?

Renalia had dreamt of gaining new abilities and lifting her parents out of poverty with her new Deck. But none of her skill cards help the family peat harvesting business.

Her Deck interests others though, as the Baron recruits her into his entourage. In a bigger town, she finds ways to make money, aided by her Deck's hidden ability to loot skill cards from monsters.

The money helps but she has to learn that it does not wipe away all debts nor buy the happiness that she wants. And it certainly does not deal with the increasing appearance of monsters.

- Slow-burn coming-of-age story with decks of skill cards.

- Very light game mechanics with skill cards. No stat boxes, experience points, health, stamina, etc.

- Young and weak protagonist, but proactive and not whiny.

- Please note that this story is more focused on characterization, rather than the deckbuilding and LitRPG elements. It's "deck building" in terms of magic existing in skill cards, but not featuring mechanics like hand management or random shuffles. The RPG elements are so light that I'm not even tagging it as a 'LitRPG'.

Cover by Wong40k

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  • Renalia's Tale [Deckbuilding]
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