The Rebirth of Gaea

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In 2025 the people began to think about the end of humanity. The world was collapsing, the global warming nearly unstoppable, the economy was in turmoil, the social and political unrest, could be seen in riots and frequent changes of government, it was chaos.

In this situation,when the WW3 was about to break out, the people all over the world the world took to the streets at once to demand peace.

With the centralization of the economics and military capacity, a few weeks later the result was a treaty with the foundation of two major forces in the world.

The self proclaimed Economic Empire of the New World and the Allied Nations of Asia.

One year later, in March of 2026 a huge change spread over internet, the first four senses VR simulator began to be sold with a game, """"The rebirth of Gaea"""".

It was the beginning of a new society, a new way to conceive the world and it all started in an almost forgotten country. Spain.


-NOTE: This story is MATURE, and as such, has graphic fight scenes, blood, gore, cursing and Sex.

-NOTE 2: Is a work in progress. The storyline, characters, and other things are still in the drafting stages. Also, excuse my spelling and grammar errors! I`ll gladly accept reviews and corrections, as well as recommendations about the development and characters.

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  • The rebirth of Gaea
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