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My twin brother disappeared, my parents met their death by an accident. Regardless of the situation, officers of the law refused to release any information.

It is now up to me to find enlightenment from minuscule clues and pursue diminutive trails left by my parents.

But what does the most popular game, Royal Road, have to do with my parents and their secret meetings with my dead brother?

I embark on a journey inside the most popular online game, Royal Road.

During my quest to find clues about my brother, I encountered people of different races, and overcame many difficult obstacles.

As to where my journey will lead me, or if I'll find my pot of gold, nobody knows. All that is certain, at the end of the rainbow, all my questions will be answered.

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  • Cataclysm
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Cataclysm 1 2 Chapter Two - Venture into the Unknown JapTem Fanfic
Cataclysm 1 1 Chapter One - It all started from here... JapTem Fanfic
Cataclysm 1 Chapter Prologue - A diary entry JapTem Fanfic
Cataclysm 8 Chapter 8 First Day Fright RoyalRoadL
Cataclysm 7 Chapter 7 The Summer's Over RoyalRoadL
Cataclysm 6 Chapter 6 Troubles of the Spirit and the Mother RoyalRoadL
Cataclysm 5 Chapter 5 Adjustment and Change RoyalRoadL
Cataclysm 4 Chapter 4 The Change RoyalRoadL
Cataclysm 3 Chapter 3 Senshin Bickering RoyalRoadL
Cataclysm 2 Chapter 2 A Rift in the Pasture RoyalRoadL
Cataclysm 1 Chapter 1 Just Another Job RoyalRoadL