A Dungeon's life

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Maze, a human in a normal world, lives in a family that take him for a slave finally has the courage to run away from home, only to encounter his end. Getting caught by a group of boy in a back allay, striped down and almost raped... for a boy, to be raped by another boy, this is traumatizing, but what more is the fact that Maze was no boy anymore..... And it was at this moment, he knew he fucked up..... hearing gun shots, his.... Her vision get dark and strange windows pop up in front of what seems like... the front?


What do you mean the humans tried to summon a hero but it didn't work?

Oh crap.... What am I?




This story is my first Story published or, well.... Seen, by anyone other than me.... so please be gentle... :P

This story is what i'm writing for fun, as well as a project for school during the year, so..... I might post 1 chapter by week or one by 10 days of school witch means.... 2 week.... I willl probably not watch my grammatical errors until 2 months before the end of the year so, bear with me.....

Have fun reading!

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  • A Dungeon's life
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