Force of Nature

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Johan was a jagged university student with a passion for learning; he wanted to unravel the mysteries of the universe. After a long research session one hot day, he gets into a scuffle that ends in his death. He dies, depressed and upset that his journey was cut short.

Unexpectedly, he finds that he wakes up in the body of an infant! He grows up in a different world with different rules, exposed to the wonders of magic and the diversity of life. However, no matter what planet you're on, somethings will never change.

Johan quickly discovers that greed, ambition, and jealousy aren't exclusive to the humans on Earth. Can he sidestep treachery and deceit? Can he shed his soft nature and commit to the cut throat rules of the new world? Will he rise up and reach the pinnacle of power to become a force of nature?


There will be blood. And gore. As for other dark elements, I haven't decided yet. They may appear as needed, because I'm trying to craft a dark fantasy kind of thing here.

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  • Force of Nature
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