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I always dreamed of being one of the Awakened, one of the heroes that fights back the Insanity on his own terms. They're always pictured driving the newest cars, wearing the latest clothes, using the best gene-mods and implants. They're supposed to be more than just human.

At least, that's what I thought until I Awakened. Now my life is a mess of corporate intrigue, shifty politics, cyberzombies and at least one group of revolutionaries whose ideas are sounding better every day.

I never wanted to be the punk that brought the system down, but the temptation to just glitch out is growing by the minute.

Glitch is a Cyberpunk LitRPG set in a near future where some people are given abilities that allow them to do things that no normal human could ever do. This fiction is written, maintained and owned by Edgar Malboeuf. Copyright 2018

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  • Glitch
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