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The Ascendancy of man has come.

Humanity has risen to the stars above, spanning multiple Galaxies. Centuries of warfare and strife as each faction fought for new worlds, and territory. Then came the Empress, eternal in her glory. She unified the scattered factions under one banner, creating the Empire of Humanity.

This came with opposition of its own however. Rebellion was a constant, and rampant plague upon the Empire. People who were unhappy with the status qua, and the militaristic brutality of the new Empire rose up across the Galaxy. Thus the Empire began the creation of genetically modified humans. Altered in the wombs of previously altered female soldiers to further the cultivation of the perfect super soldier.

These infants are placed through a crucible of death, and a curriculum of brain washing to ensure utter loyalty to the Empire, the Empress, and those they are placed under. They kill, and slaughter without thought or feeling if ordered.

Follow our newly minted Captain as he forges a path through this Empire, working for the glory of his Empress, and General. All while the Empire slowly enters the sights of an unseen, and deadly foe.


This fiction is violent, it will have war crimes, cruelty, mind breaking situations, and a great deal of death and practicality in thought process, it is a PURELY dark fiction. the MC is not a Hero as you would term him, he is a soldier doing as ordered. This fiction is also recommended for 18+ only.

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  • Ascendancy
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Ascendancy 5 Chapter Five: Eden's Fire 3 - The Bomb. RoyalRoadL
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Ascendancy 3 Chapter Three: Gaining Trust, and Complications. Eden Fire - 1 RoyalRoadL
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Ascendancy 2 Chapter Two: Arriving on Eden. RoyalRoadL
Ascendancy 2 Qidian International
Ascendancy 1 Chapter One: The Forming RoyalRoadL
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