Two Lives

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Arecia is under attack by an unknown enemy and is slowly being worn down by sheer numbers. The only thing that had been keeping them from losing this war for their existence was Essence, the energy released after killing a creature, which was able to strengthen their bodies. Now, left with no choice, they have forged a connection to Earth. This is the story of 16 year old Krishna Khanna as he is thrown from his ordinary life into the World of Arecia, with just about about everybody else from earth.

Rewrite slowly in Progress

Mild LitRPG (Original story was very heavy LitRPG, which detracted from the story)

Mild Xanxia - Not enough to be categorized so...

No Harem. I don't want to ruin the story.

Feel free to leave comments. Updates will be rare (once every few months if lucky), as real life takes presidence. Sorry in advance!

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  • Two Lives
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