A Game of Life

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What if you are a genius, yet lived misunderstood.

What if somehow, you are forced to live a game.

What if, your life is not your own.

Enter the life of Ian, someone who seemly possess everything. However, all he yearns to is to live a ordinary life.

As such, when given a chance to escape from his family, he chooses to go. Not before challenging all his former classmates in Royal Road.

And enter another life, in Royal Road.

Will he prosper, or will he get crushed by all the enemies he makes?

Stay tune to A Game of Life, A Game of Royal Road

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  • A Game of Life
  • A Game of Life
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Latest release - ch. 3.0 pt. 2.0
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A Game of Life 3-2 Chapter 3: Prequel to Adventure (Part 2) RoyalRoadL
A Game of Life 3 Chapter 3: Prequel to Adventure RoyalRoadL
A Game of Life 2 Chapter 2: Adventure Begins! RoyalRoadL
A Game of Life 1 Chapter 1: A Lonely Genius RoyalRoadL
A Game of Life 1 Kill Me! Qidian International