Welcome Mortals, It's Been A While…

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NASA astronaut is deployed on Mars when his home world Earth suddenly erupts in chaos. People get status and powers and monsters appear, house pets turn feral etc. etc. However!! Our MC is stuck on Mars and the god responsible for this apocalypse forces him to watch all of this in his "domain" in a separate dimension while the god is sitting next to him watching along with him. The god fast forwards through the next 1000 years making the MC watch as his family gets eaten, murdered, or dies of old age, then watch as nations collapse, people slaughtered by the thousands.

After 1000 years humans have finally gained a foothold on Earth, however the Earthlings want to escape their wasted world so they use all of their supernatural skills and classes gained to make enough ships to colonize to another planet: Mars. Why not the moon? Because during their planning for stellar colonization they noticed Mars is terra-forming and signs of cities are being built, while the moon is still just a wasteland. As the first Earthling that was (already) on a new planet, our MC gets perks of course.

After seeing the last 1000 years, god gives him an immortal body and the first of his race: Neo-Terran. However to compensate for his lack of physical strength compared to his human counterparts, god bestows him superior magic capabilities higher than any of humans alive. That's not the best part though. His class is called Sovereign....

Mature content: colorful language, violence/gore, some sexual situations.

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  • Welcome Mortals, It's Been A While…
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