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This story revolves around Tsugume Hiro, a 16 years old boy who distances himself from other people. His anti-social life now comes to an end as he meets Seichirou Aimi, a transfer student in his school. Will this encounter change his personality of avoiding contact with other people?


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  • Rivals
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Rivals 15 15: Detour-Feelings RoyalRoadL
Rivals 14 14: Accompany RoyalRoadL
Rivals 13 13 : My Turning Point RoyalRoadL
Rivals 12 12 : Letter for Me? RoyalRoadL
Rivals 11 11 : Change RoyalRoadL
Rivals 10 10 : Forgotten Friendship RoyalRoadL
Rivals 9 09 : The Sealed Past RoyalRoadL
Rivals 8 08 : Reveal RoyalRoadL
Rivals 7 07 : Fire In The Building RoyalRoadL
Rivals 6 06 : The Case From Last Year RoyalRoadL
Rivals 5 05 : We're Rivals!! RoyalRoadL
Rivals 4 04 : Define Past? RoyalRoadL
Rivals 3 03 : Stalker RoyalRoadL
Rivals 2 02 : School RoyalRoadL
Rivals 1 01 : Rescue RoyalRoadL
Rivals 00 : Prologue RoyalRoadL