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Out There or OT Their Motto: It's Out There; Somewhere. OT is billed as a revolutionary VRMMO. But then again every VRMMO in the world is billed as revolutionary by their marketing team. Out There comes close though. Their hook is that the game is a full galaxy of unexplored planets and systems. And scattered about those planets and systems are expansions and add-ons to the game. And as the worlds are discovered and unlocked they are incorporated into the OT universe and released to the public. These small glimpses into the OT universe will follow the character of Chassis, a Nu-Bot Scrounger on Sykantha 3. --------------------------- Updates will be sporadic. When I get the time and have a good idea I will put it down for you. Please leave feedback. Positive and negative. Just be polite. Feedback helps me improve. And I get a kick out of reading it.

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